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Sweden Tours

Explore the Land of Contrasts which is famous for its deep forests, vast mountains, golden beaches, and charming fisherman towns. You will discover a fascinating mix of architectural styles and captivating city attractions in Stockholm, the Venice of the North, mixed with breathtaking landscapes throughout the country will leave you in awe!

Breathtaking forests, gorgeous coastlines, captivating cities, royal palaces, ancient castles and more await travelers in Sweden!    

Sweden Tours - Steeped in a rich heritage, breathtaking natural beauty, and modern culture, Sweden is a destination that offers something for everyone. Dive deep into the pockets of vintage Scandinavia as you explore the ins and outs of Sweden. It houses some of the world's most charming cities. The capital city of Stockholm will take your heart away with its vibrant markets and busy cobblestone streets. Another city that would astonish you is Gothenburg, famous for its lively music and art scene. Now that you are visiting Sweden's popular cities, it is impossible to keep away from the delicious Swedish cuisine. The dishes here are innovative and freshly made with local ingredients. Meatballs, shellfish platters, cinnamon buns, sandwiches, and lingonberry jam are the usual favorites here. There are many Michelin-starred restaurants in the country, AIRA, Lyran, and Nour being a few. The country is the perfect place for history buffs and architecture fanatics. Where the Nobel Museum showcases fascinating scientific, humanitarian, and literary achievements from around the globe, the Skansen Open-Air Museum takes its visitors back to the 18th century to see the traditional Swedish crafts, performances, and costumes. On your trip to Sweden, visiting the Royal Palace is a must. One of the largest palaces in Europe, it is the official residence of His Majesty the King of Sweden, having over 600 rooms. Explore its intricate architecture, decorations, and beautiful art. The palace has several museums showcasing armor and weapons since the 16th century, coronation carriages and magnificent coaches, and more. You must also visit Uppsala and see Sweden's Oldest university and the Gamla Uppsala Museum, which has a massive collection of Viking artifacts. Another attraction that you can't miss in Sweden is the ABBA Museum. Unlike an ordinary museum, the music is an exhibition of the band ABBA showcasing its costumes, memorabilia, original items, and gold records. For music lovers, this place is no less than a paradise. Apart from its history dating back to the Vikings era, Sweden also boasts incredible landscapes. It is a great destination for nature lovers as more than 50% of its land is covered in forests, scenic lakes, soaring mountains, and lush green hills, perfect for activities like wildlife watching, hiking, and camping. You may explore Tyresta National Park, Abisko National Park, and Sarek National Park to get a closer look at Sweden's rich biodiversity. It has over 1,00,000 lakes making it an excellent place for fishing, kayaking, and swimming. Klaraven River is apt for rafting, and Stockholm Archipelago is a good option for you to take your canoe in the waters. A heaven for anglers, the country has fantastic fishing sites. Fishing is usually free in the larger areas. You can even catch a salmon in Stockholm. Tarnaby offers mountain fishing experience for catching char and trout. Sweden doesn't fail to impress travelers! The more you dig in, the better things get. For a once in a lifetime experience, stay in the Ice Hotel of Jukkasjärvi. Also, during winter, Sweden turns into a winter paradise, allowing its visitors to ski, ice-skate, and snowboard. Lapland, Idre, and Salen are three places in Sweden that are perfect for visiting during the winter. Whether experiencing the Northern Lights or seeing the midnight sun, Sweden's natural beauty will leave you mesmerized. Furthermore, Sweden also boasts rocky beaches located along the gorgeous Baltic Sea. You may spend some time walking through the coastal towns, absorbing their culture and the stunning views of the Sea. You can visit Marstrand, famous for its picture-perfect harbor and 17th-century fortress, or Gotland Island, whose coastline is dotted with sandy beaches. The best part of traveling to Sweden is their Allemasratten, which is Sweden's right to public access. It allows people to pick berries, swim, camp, or fish in areas with no nearby houses, provided you do it responsibly without harming the environment. Swedes are humble people who believe in equal rights for all. The culture here is more focused on preserving energy and recycling. So whenever you are visiting Sweden, make sure you respect their ideologies and avoid misusing the right to public places. Swedes follow a lovely custom of 'fika' to lighten up their days by catching up with their friends over coffee and mouth-watering cinnamon bun and cakes. Also, Sauna culture is quite famous in Sweden. Here Sauna is known as bastu and is an inseparable part of their daily lives. Relaxing in the sauna and letting go of your travel tiredness is something you surely should experience in Sweden. If you are worried about moving around in Sweden, don't be. It has well-connected roadways and waterways that make the life of travelers and the locals here pretty easy. From wild and breathtaking landscapes to flamboyant cityscape, the country attracts tourists from all over the world. Whether you are into outdoor adventures, discovering history, or just relaxing amidst the natural settings, Sweden offers you all!

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1. What is the best time to visit Sweden?

Sweden is the biggest country in the Scandinavian peninsula, offering some of Europe's best historical and natural attractions. This incredibly clean country has four seasons, of which the winters are the most extreme. If you travel to Sweden, the autumn (September-October) and spring (March-May) seasons are perfect because of the mild climate conditions and long hours of sunlight. You can easily go hiking, swimming, kayaking, or other outdoor activities. The weather remains pleasant throughout the day, making it apt for exploring the country. If you wish to see the Northern lights, you must visit Sweden in September-April.


2. What are the Top Things to do in Sweden?

Though the list of things to do in Sweden is always ongoing, here are 5 things that you should take notice of!


1. Visiting the capital city-Stockholm

Old Town, Museums, Galleries, and City Walks describe your time in Stockholm the best. Immerse yourself in history with a visit to the Nobel Museum, the Royal Palace, Skansen Open-Air Museum, and the Vasa Museum. Stockholm is a beautiful city with 57 picturesque bridges and cobblestone alleyways, perfect for clicking great pictures. Having around 30,000 islands to the East of Stockholm, the archipelago is full of rocky cliffs and sandy beaches. The best way to explore these places is via boat tours that are at least 2.5 hours long.


2. Sleeping in a room made of ice

Spend a night at the world-famous Ice Hotel, where everything is made of ice, from reception, bar, and restaurant to rooms. This is one of the most unique experiences you will ever have. If you worry about feeling cold, they provide thermal bedding and clothing to enjoy your stay while staying warm. You can also sign up for ice sculpting classes, dog sledding, and snowmobile adventures.


3. Travel to Sami Village in Lapland

Engross in the Sami lifestyle and have a glimpse of the past with their traditional ways of living. Reindeer herding, fishing, fur, and fur trapping are what they rely on. They even have their own language! Get a chance to see reindeer in real life and even meet reindeer herders. Swedish Lapland also offers excellent sights of Northern lights during the winter, and if you wish to experience something that only a few do, visit here in summer and see the 24-hour sunlight.


4. Visit Abisko National Park

Located in northern Sweden, a spectacular natural region is known for its stunning natural beauty. It came into being in 1909 and has become a must-visit place in Sweden in the last few years. It is also known for the Aurora Sky Station at Mount Nuolja. You can reach here via chairlift and enjoy the spectacular views of the surroundings as well as the Northern lights.


5. Visit the Kalmar Castle

With a fascinating history dating back to the 12th century, the majestic castle calls out to everyone who plans a trip to Sweden. Everything inside, from its intriguing architecture to its interiors, Kalmar Castle's beauty will leave you speechless. You must take a guided tour of the castle in order to learn about its history and have an enriching experience as you walk around it.


6. Boating along the Gota Canal

Cruising along the Gota Canal is a great way to spend time in Sweden. Also known as the blue ribbon of Sweden, the sights it offers are the ones to behold. Constructed by 58,000 soldiers, the canal is Sweden's one of the largest construction projects. The canal is 200km long and offers you a delightful experience. You can choose from several routes and enjoy witnessing beautiful landscapes.


7. Marvel at the art pieces in the Gothenburg Museum of Art

Are you an art admirer? If so, then this place is for you! The Museum houses works of Picasso, Bruno Liljefors, Van Gogh, and many other famous artists. The museum also has the finest collection of 19th-century Nordic art. The museum was awarded the Museum of the Year by the Swedish Museums Association and Swedish ICOM in the year 2018. The varied art collection and creative work it has is a treat to an artistic mind.


3. How to reach Sweden from North America?

Reaching Sweden from North America is very easy. There are direct flights from major places like New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, and more.


4. How is the transportation network in Sweden?

Thanks to Sweden's great transportation system, moving around the country is a piece of cake. Cities in Sweden are well-connected by roadways and railways. The inter and intra-city bus services are relatively cheap and convenient. Light rail, subway, and suburban rail also make moving around the cities easy. You can even reach Norway, Denmark, and Finland via train from Stockholm. The train is a cheaper alternative to domestic flights, which are expensive.

If you want to explore Sweden at your own pace, you can rent a car. Most car rentals are available at the airport. Renting a car brings you comfort, and you can discover various destinations as per your mood.

Another mode of transportation in Sweden is Water Taxi. Since most cities are located in harbors or rivers, water taxis are a feasible way to commute from one place to another. Gothenburg and Stockholm have water taxis for locals as well as travelers.


5. What are the visa requirements for Sweden?

The USA and Canadian citizens do not require any visa if their stay in Sweden is under 90 days. The passport validity should be at least 3 months beyond the period of your time in Sweden.

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Sweden Tour Reviews

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Verified Customer
Mauricette Hiscock
Treasures of Germany and Scandinavia
Great tour! Will use Indus Travels again for sure
31 July, 2023
Verified Customer
Absolute Scandinavia and the Baltics
Loved my recent trip...had excellent city tours in ALL capital cities..loved Noway with snow capped mountains waterfalls and fjords..lots long days but scenery was so spectacular.. Loved Scandinavian architecture.. hotels were all lovely with incredible breakfast buffets ..every country had so much to see and they each had their own beauty and interesting history
05 June, 2023
Verified Customer
Highlights of Scandinavia
They had a great land tour itinerary with great hotels to stay and breathtaking locations to visit.
20 June, 2017
Verified Customer
Highlights of Scandinavia
Great trip! Very good value especially to an "expensive" country like Norway. My family and I enjoyed ourselves immensely. Thank you to our guide Nick for an absolutely wonderful experience.
06 May, 2017

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