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Denmark Tours

Denmark - What better way to discover Europe than by visiting one of the happiest countries in the world? This gorgeous nation offers otherworldly natural scenery, colossal castles, and breathtaking National Parks waiting to be explored. Discover the famous capital of Copenhagen, the growing cosmopolitan of Aarhus, and the waterfront beauty of Aalborg.

Rich Viking history, quaint colorful villages, and the most gorgeous scenery in Scandinavia await travelers in Denmark! 

Denmark - A wonderful destination with expansive coastlines, stunning fishing villages, world-famous galleries and museums, and picturesque cities, Denmark is a bucket-list destination. From biking across the countryside to unwinding at the beach, learning the Viking's history, and experiencing the hygge culture, the country has a lot to offer. Discover the traditional food joints, immerse yourself in the rich art and culture, and have the opportunity to soak in the enchanting natural beauty. Whether you choose to have an adventurous vacation or a peaceful getaway, the country awaits your visit! The most popular tourist destination in Denmark is Copenhagen, which is also the charming capital city. It showcases a perfect blend of modern sophistication and ancient charm. Walk around the cobblestone streets, admire the unique architecture, and delve into the mouth-watering Danish cuisine. Breezy canals, colorful houses, happy faces, and cycling culture paint the right picture of Copenhagen. There are several attractions in the city the National Museum of Denmark, the country's largest museum of cultural history; Tivoli Gardens, a pleasure garden and an amusement park; Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, an art museum representing private art; and the Little Mermaid statue. The best way to explore the city is on a cycle. There are well-constructed bike paths so that you can explore as you like, take a pitch stop at scenic places, and taste local cuisine. Another place in Denmark that will steal your heart is Aarhus. Experience the Nordic lifestyle as you visit this coastal city, dating back to the Viking era. This is the second-largest city in Denmark which stands out with its historic Old Town (an open-air museum), splendid modern architecture, and beautiful beaches. Visit the Moesgaard Museum (exhibits on prehistoric ages and Viking life), Aarhus Art Museum (one of the largest museums in North Europe), the Cathedral of Aarhus (the tallest church in Denmark), and the innovative Infinite Bridge. If you wish to have a more local experience, then visiting the seaside towns and fishing villages is a great idea. The island town of Dragor is a one-stop destination if you wish to move away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. It was a former significant port in Denmark with its cobbled streets and striking houses, making a perfect scenery for a peaceful evening stroll. Situated in East Jutland, Ebeltoft acts as a haven for city dwellers. Timber-framed houses, winding alleyways, live music, and blooming hollyhocks make this little town a breath of fresh air. Lastly, you can also visit Hornbaek, a resort town on the Danish Riveria, famous for its white sandy shore. Formerly a thriving fishing village, today it has become a popular tourist destination, and travelers flock in numbers to try its classy restaurants and shop from cute little shops. Danish countryside is an excellent option for someone looking to make the best use of Denmark's natural beauty. It is an apt destination for adventure seekers, too. If adventure is something that gets you excited and you travel for an adrenaline rush, then the country has several options to soothe your adventure thirst. From kite surfing to hiking, opportunities are endless. You can go hiking in the Mols Bjerge National Park, enjoy kayaking in the Fureso Lake and the 27 sea kayaking routes of Jutland, or just take a bike and ride along the North Sea Cycle Route covering 6000 km of stunning coastline. Go kite surfing in Hvide Sande, which has a massive fjord on one side and the North Sea on the other. You have never explored a place fully if you haven't indulged in the local cuisine. Danish cuisine is quite famous for being delicious. The traditional dishes include Danish meatballs known as frikadeller, roast pork, and open-faced sandwiches. Danish pastries always have a soft corner for everyone! The breweries across the country brew unique beers to try along with the tasty cuisine. Make sure to attend festivals like the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, the Roskilde Festival, and the Aarhus Festival if you are traveling during the time these events take place to get to experience Denmark life. The country is also a great family destination which has numerous adventure parks and zoos to spend time at. Legoland Billund Resort is a favorite place for LEGO fans and a must-visit for families. From the Viking era to the present day, Denmark has managed to charm travelers from across the world. Your time in Denmark will surely be beautiful, thanks to the Danish people, who are very warm and friendly. The country exists in calmness and tranquility. So be assured you are signing up for one of the best vacations of your life.

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1. What is the best time to visit Denmark?

The best time to visit Denmark is during June, July, and August when the temperature is warm and daylight lasts longer. The temperature varies between 15 degrees Celcius to 20 degrees Celcius. This is when tourists flock to Denmark to hike in the beautiful green landscapes and enjoy seaside activities. If you want to avoid the touristy crowd, you can visit during April and May when the numbers are less. With September approaching, the temperatures start to drop, which is best for sipping a hot cuppa and snuggling in your blanket.


2. What are the top things to do in Denmark?

One of the major European tourist destinations, Denmark associates itself with a colorful past, beautiful smiles, and green landscapes. The country will give you an experience you will cherish forever. Here are a few things that you shouldn't miss doing in Denmark.


1. Walking on the Rainbow

Ever thought you 'd be able to walk in a rainbow? Denmark makes this imagination come true. Walk on the unbroken rainbow rooftop of the ARoS Art Museum, which was created by Olafur Eliasson. The Rainbow Panorama gives you a colorful view of the world as you see it from inside it. This spectacular work of innovation is a must-experience in Denmark. Downstairs you can see international art collections and exhibitions dating back to the 19th century. It is an excellent place for art lovers!


2. Visit Tivoli Gardens

You'll always see a beeline for visiting Denmark's iconic attraction Tivoli Gardens. Dating back to 1843, Tivoli is actually the inspiration behind the world-famous Disney Land. It is actually an amusement park with roundabouts, rollercoasters, restaurants, gardens, puppet theatres, and a Moorish-styled concert hall. Tivoli has also appeared in various movies depicting the true symbol of Copanhagen. During the night, there is a firework show that illuminates the sky, and during the winter, the garden is decorated with beautiful lights to celebrate Christmas.


3. Witness the LEGO World

LEGO House is made with 25 million Lego bricks and covers an area of 12000 sq mts. The place is a great recreational center for every age group. The Lego houses are divided into blue, green, and red-themed zones, two restaurants, nine-play terraces, and a masterpiece gallery. You can spend time in this giant house learning about Lego history in interesting ways. The place is so huge that you will never get bored.


4. Get clicked at the famous postcard spot: Nyhavn

The rockstar of innumerable postcards and images of the city, New Harbor or Nyhavn is a great place to get clicked, enjoy the cafe culture of Denmark, and witness the old-world charm of Copenhagen. The multi-colored houses, docked boats, and beautiful alleyways paint a picture-perfect scene for you to spend time in. This place is a favorite for both the locals and the tourists.


5. Discover the fairytale Egeskov Castle

The storybook castle, Egeskov Castle, is located in a beautiful setting near Odense. It is one of Europe's well-preserved moat castles. The Renaissance structure was built in 1554, and its original purpose was defense. The grounds for the public opened in 1959. You can visit the Vintage Car Museum and the Camping Outdoor Museum inside the castle. Walk inside the Banquet hall appreciating its magnificence. The red brick walls and massive towers rising above the water make the castle a treat to the visitor's eyes.


3. How to reach Denmark from North America?

The best way to reach Denmark from North America is via flight. In the USA, cities like Boston, New York, Los Angeles, and more have flights to Copenhagen and Aarhus in Denmark. Similarly, Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal in Canada also have regular flights to Denmark.


4. What is famous in Denmark for shopping?

Delicate white and blue porcelain articles, popular Viking jewelry, engraved pendants, items of Scandinavian design, scarves, Danish licorice, and much more are a few things you may buy from Denmark.


5. How to get around in Denmark?

Trains are an easy-to-use public transport for locals as well as tourists. Danish State Railways has a well-connected network spread across the country. Apart from this, the bus network is pretty extensive. Ferries are yet another way to reach some places. The best way is to cycle across the country. Majorly trains and buses accept bikes at an extra cost. So you can carry your bike to different destinations and then explore on it later!

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Denmark Tour Reviews

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Verified Customer
Mauricette Hiscock
Treasures of Germany and Scandinavia
Great tour! Will use Indus Travels again for sure
31 July, 2023
Verified Customer
Absolute Scandinavia and the Baltics
Loved my recent trip...had excellent city tours in ALL capital cities..loved Noway with snow capped mountains waterfalls and fjords..lots long days but scenery was so spectacular.. Loved Scandinavian architecture.. hotels were all lovely with incredible breakfast buffets ..every country had so much to see and they each had their own beauty and interesting history
05 June, 2023
Verified Customer
Highlights of Scandinavia
They had a great land tour itinerary with great hotels to stay and breathtaking locations to visit.
20 June, 2017
Verified Customer
Highlights of Scandinavia
Great trip! Very good value especially to an "expensive" country like Norway. My family and I enjoyed ourselves immensely. Thank you to our guide Nick for an absolutely wonderful experience.
06 May, 2017

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