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Albania Tours

Explore the extraordinary castles, pristine lake towns, and emerald water beaches of the Adriatic and Ionian coastlines of Albania.

An excellent destination for nature lovers & one of the most breathtaking and unexplored countries of the Balkans

Albania - Albania is slowly garnering the attention of people from across the world. This Mediterranean country is on the radar of travelers seeking unique experiences and untouched beauty. From its sparkling clear waters, majestic mountains, and delicious cuisine, Albania has a wealth of treasures waiting to be explored. This Land of Eagles is a paradise for nature enthusiasts. From mountains to beaches, the country boasts a diverse range of landscapes, leaving its visitors in awe. The Albanian Apls stand proudly in the North, offering a vast playground to climbers, trekkers, and nature enthusiasts. Revealing its turquoise rivers, traditional villages that seem frozen in time, and gushing waterfalls, Theth Valley is the best place for adventure lovers and hiking. Explore the Valbona Valley National Park, the gem of the Albanian Alps, where fresh alpine meadows and towering peaks create a picture-perfect setting. It is the heart of the Accursed Mountain range. Hiking to Kollata Peak is one of the most gorgeous and challenging hikes in the Accursed Mountains. On the other hand, there is the Albanian Riviera, stretching along the country's southern coast, beckons sun-seekers with its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters. It is home to some of Europe's most stunning beaches, like Palasa, Bunec, Himara, and more. From the lively resort town of Saranda to the secluded shores of Ksamil, the Albanian Riviera offers a Mediterranean paradise at a fraction of the cost of its more popular neighbors. Apart from this, you can venture into an off-the-beaten-path and explore places that are well hidden in the laps of Albania. The country gives you an opportunity to uncover its gems. Explore the remote mountain villages of the Albanian Alps, where locals still adhere to centuries-old traditions and offer a glimpse into a simpler way of life. Stay in traditional guesthouses, dine on hearty homemade meals, and engage yourself in the rich folklore and traditions of the region. Looking for a truly unique adventure? Head to the less touristy towns of Gijrokaster and Berat. Gijrokaster is called the 'Stone City' and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has beautifully preserved Ottoman houses and an imposing fortress that transports you back in time. Up next is Berat, a City of a Thousand Windows. It is named so for it has houses with huge windows in its old decorated houses. Its hilltop castle offers amazing views. Traveling to Berat would be like traveling in the old times, with fewer people, an abundance of natural beauty, and streets with old-world charm. For those seeking a beachside retreat away from the crowds, venture to the untouched beaches of the Albanian Riviera's hidden coves. Rent a boat and explore the nearby islands of Ksamil or embark on a snorkeling adventure to discover the vibrant underwater world. The possibilities for unique and authentic experiences are endless in this unexplored corner of Europe. Albania's varied landscapes are also home to great ancient history and cultural heritage, with traces of ancient civilizations found throughout its territory. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Butrint is a true archaeological marvel, offering a glimpse into the past with its well-preserved ruins. Wander through the remains of a theater, baths, and a Venetian castle, and let your imagination transport you to the times of Greeks, Romans, and Byzantines who once walked these ancient streets. Tirana, the capital city with never-ending movement and energy, showcases how the past and the present co-exist peacefully in its vicinity. Skanderbeg Square is named after the national hero and is the mix of Ottoman, Italian, and Communist-era architecture that dots the city. Dive into Albania's communist past with a visit to the Bunk'Art Museum, housed in a former Cold War bunker, and gain a deeper understanding of the country's turbulent history. Explore the National Historical Museum, where exhibits showcase Albania's journey from ancient times to the present day. While you are in a country so rich in heritage, know that you are going to receive warm hospitality from the Albanians. Experience the traditional concept of "besa," a code of honor and hospitality deeply rooted in Albanian culture. The genuine and humble locals might invite you to their home for a meal or may simply strike up a conversation at the roadside. You'll be greeted and welcomed with open arms and be treated as one of their own. Apart from lovely hospitality, Albania is also famous for its flavorful cuisine. No visit to Albania is complete without indulging in its delectable cuisine. Influenced by Mediterranean, Turkish, and Balkan flavors, Albanian dishes are a delightful fusion of tastes and aromas. Try the scrumptious "byrek," a savory pastry filled with meat or cheese, or savor the national dish of "tave kosi," a delicious baked lamb and yogurt casserole. Don't forget to pair your meal with a glass of local raki, a traditional Albanian brandy, for a true taste of Albania, and immerse yourself in the rich culinary traditions of the country. Often overlooked by tourists in past years, Albania is now making itself on people's list of places to travel. Unveil this hidden gem of the Balkans and let it capture your heart like no other place. Discover its unspoiled beauty as Albania is calling you to reveal its secrets to the world!

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1. When is the best time to visit Albania?

April to June, the spring months, and September to October, the fall months, are best for you to travel to Albania. During these months, you escape the scorching heat as well as the bitter winter cold, making it perfect for hiking, biking, swimming, or any activity you wish to do. July, the midsummer month is the busiest in Albania. It is the peak season in the country, and tourists flock from neighboring nations to make the most of it, despite July being one of the hottest months in the country.

2. What are the top things to do in Albania?

Albania had remained an off-grid destination until a few years ago when it began emerging as a must-visit country. If you are intrigued to explore it like many others, here are the best things you can do in Albania.

1. Hike in Valbona Valley National Park

It is a place where layers and layers of ranges unveil their natural beauty. For nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, a visit to Valbona Valley National Park is a must. Located in the Albanian Alps, this picturesque park offers breathtaking vistas of rugged mountains, crystal-clear rivers, and lush alpine meadows. With steep slopes and ridges, the park also has Valbona Village within its forested heartland. Here you can observe the local culture and traditions closely. Xhemas Lake is another beautiful location in the park. Surrounded by carpets of wildflowers and rock formations, this lake is nothing short of breathtaking. Hike through the valley, and follow the trails to waterfalls and mountain villages. Soak in the tranquility this place has to offer.

2. Explore the pristine beaches

From unspoiled sands to unspoiled lagoons, Albanian Riveria is home to several stunning beaches. The pebble stretch of Dymades, the poster-like Dhermi, the ever-charming Himara, Borsh with a rustic backdrop of peaks, the most frequented Saranda, and the Ionian pearl Ksmail, are a few beaches you must visit in Albania. The Albanian coast is blessed with plenty of beaches, some away from the tourist glaze and others having good restaurants and cafes in their vicinity.

3. Stroll the colorful streets of Tirana

The vibrant capital of Albania, Tirana, is its heart. Experience the transformation of this once-drab city into a lively and colorful metropolis. Walk along the bustling boulevard of Blloku, filled with stylish cafes, boutiques, and restaurants. Admire the impressive blend of architectural styles in Skanderbeg Square, where modern buildings stand alongside Ottoman and Italian-influenced structures. Visit the National History Museum, which offers a fascinating glimpse into Albania's past, and don't miss the chance to try the local cuisine at the vibrant food market.

4. Discover the Enchanting Town of Berat

Known as the "City of a Thousand Windows," Berat is a captivating town that showcases the country's Ottoman heritage. The highlight of the town is the well-preserved Mangalem and Gorica neighborhoods, with their narrow cobblestone streets and traditional Ottoman houses. Climb up to Berat Castle, which offers panoramic views of the town and the Osum River flowing below. Inside the castle walls, you'll find a fascinating collection of churches, including the iconic Church of St. Mary's, which features beautiful frescoes dating back to the 16th century.

5. Visit Kruja

Located just a short drive from the capital city of Tirana, Kruja is a town steeped in history and legend. It is best known as the birthplace of Albania's national hero, Skanderbeg, who successfully resisted Ottoman rule in the 15th century. Explore the narrow, winding streets of the old bazaar, where you can shop for traditional handicrafts and souvenirs. Visit the historic Kruja Castle, perched on a hilltop, which houses the Skanderbeg Museum, showcasing artifacts from his life and the struggle for independence.

3. How to reach Albania from North America?

Taking a flight is the fastest and most convenient way to reach Albania from North America. New York, Detroit, Boston, and more places in the USA, and Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and more in Canada have regular flights to Tirana in Albania.

4. Is traveling to Albania safe?

Albania is one of the safest places for tourists in Europe. Public safety in the country is generally good, and there are very few reports of crime focused on foreigners or tourists, although pick-pocketing does happen in every country. Make sure you keep your valuables like your passport and jewelry in a safe at your hotel.

5. Should I carry cash or cards?

Albania is largely a cash society, and cards are mostly accepted only in Tirana. Outside the capital city, cash is king. Even though cards might be acceptable in some places, never take a chance. Always have cash with you. If you run out of it, you need not worry as there are ATMs at every corner. 

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