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Finland Tours

A trip to Finland will do wonders for your body and soul. Discover the thousands of lakes and forests this breathtaking country has to offer as you breathe in the pure air quality in one of the cleanest countries in the world. This Nordic gem makes for the perfect getaway destination to experience the rich culture of Scandinavia!

Finland Tours - The Land of a Thousand Lakes is beckoning travelers to explore its rich landscapes and magnificent scenery!

Finland - Embark on a journey to a land of endless fascination as you travel to Finland. Whether you see huskies running in Lapland, with magnificent northern lights swooping overhead, kayak along the forested island, or stroll the charming cities soaking in the culture, Finland will mesmerize you with everything it has. Finland is one of the countries with an abundance of forests in Europe, hence there is no doubt why tourists are blown away by its pure beauty. The major draw for visitors is this country's sheer natural beauty, which has over 1,50,000 lakes amidst the dense jungles and beautiful mountains. Finland is home to some of the most alluring destinations in the world. Lake Saima, an escape from the busy city life, is the largest lake in Finland and the fourth largest in Europe. Several cottages are lined up in the nearby area where the Finns and tourists stay as they bask in the serenity. People usually visit Finland to have the best views of the Northern Lights; seeing them is no less than a dream come true. Lapland, home to this magical phenomenon, is the perfect place to capture them. The best time to see them is anytime between mid-August till early April. It is a land of contrasts boasting autumn colors, midnight sun, northern lights, a reindeer sleigh ride, and relaxing saunas. This northernmost region of Finland is where you visit to tick off major things on your bucket-list. The country is home to several National Parks where you can not only enjoy the natural beauty but also take part in adventure activities like skiing, hiking, fishing, kayaking, and more. Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park in Lapland is great for seeing arctic animals, hike, and skiing. The mountains spread across an area of 97km paint a beautiful scenery worthy of visiting any time of the year. Another national park you may want to see is the Koli National Park, which overlooks Lake Pielinen. This scene can be seen in several important art pieces of the 19th century. The place serves as a hiking spot for adventure enthusiasts in the summer. You can hike to the highest hill in the park, Ukko-Koli, or take a cahir-car lift that operates throughout the year. During winters, Ukko Koli becomes a top skiing destination, serving as a great spot for advanced downhill skiing. Besides hiking and skiing, canoeing and kayaking are popular adventure activities to experience the breathtaking landscapes and natural silence, see wildlife like Saimaa ringed seal, and mysterious rock art. The best time for paddlers to venture on the adventurous waters is between June to September. Some places you can enjoy this are Kolovesi National Park, Kvarken Archipelago, PaddOulanka National Park, River Torne, and Teno. Yes, Finland is rich in natural beauty but equally rich in culture and history. It is home to numerous historic sites, galleries, and museums. Sami people, the indigenous people of Scandinavia, have managed to preserve their traditions and culture against modern developments. Visiting Lapland, you can experience their lifestyle closely, wherein they do reindeer herding, make local handicrafts, and can also taste the traditional Sami cuisine.The charming capital city of Finland- Helsinki, is also a melting pot of history and culture. Visitors can visit the National Museum of Finland and learn about the country's history from pre-historic times to date. One of the most popular places to visit in Helsinki is The Helsinki Cathedral, where you can witness the neoclassical architecture. To witness the local culture more closely, you can be a part of The Helsinki festival and see various dance, music, and theatre performances in August annually. A trip to Helsinki means architectural and historic marvels surround you. Up next, the cuisine, any country's cuisine, is the reflection of its culture. Finnish food is comforting and a delight to your appetite after a hectic day of exploring. Prepared with local spices, here are a few items you must try while traveling in Finland: smoked salmon, reindeer stew, bear meat, and Karelian pies. The country has endless opportunities waiting to be uncovered. The vibrant culture, natural environment, smiling Finns, delicious cuisine, and dream-like places await your visit! With perfectly sculpted scenes illuminated in magical lights, Finland is a land of fiction. The legendary Scandinavian region is a dream destination for every traveler. The name itself gives the rush to explore more!

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1. What is the best time to visit Finland?

The best time to visit Finland is during the summer, which is from June to August. The climate during these months is the warmest, the days are the longest, and the landscapes look the prettiest. During these times, the country is fully functional with its tourist facilities. As the winter approaches, though the temperatures dip, the chances of watching the Northern Lights increase. The best months to see these are from mid-August to early April. During winter, you can enjoy reindeer sledding and steam sauna baths.

2. Top things to do in Finland

Finland is a pool of unforgettable experiences. No matter where you are in the country, exploring opportunities are endless. Here are a few things you must do on your trip to Finland.


1. Sleeping under the Northern Lights in Finland

Snow and dancing aurora make it look no less than heaven! This magical nightscape is a dream for many. One of the best experiences is sleeping in a glass cottage, having the Northern Lights over you as you are snuggled in your blanket. Undoubtedly this will be the best experience of your life, no matter what! Lapland is famous for being home to this heavenly phenomenon. Travel here during the spring and autumn and try your luck spotting these beauties.


2. Take a relaxing Sauna Bath in Finland  

Get into a little wooden cabin and unwind as you take a sauna bath. Embrace the sauna culture of Finland and gel in with the locals, as this is a part of most of their daily routines. Indulge in complete Finnishness as you jump in an ice hole and drink a beer. Sauna baths are present everywhere in Finland. Don't forget to visit the world's largest underground smoke sauna in the fishing village of Herrankukkaro and Finland's oldest sauna, Rajaportin.


3. Walk around the wooden towns

During the early years, the houses in Finland were built of wood and painted in red, blue, and yellow. Visiting these old towns is a way of entering Finland's heart. The old wooden towns are even preserved till day. Strolling these villages would be like traveling back in time and exploring Finland as it was centuries ago. Vallila and Kapyla are two wooden towns that you must visit. Other places where you visit are Rauma and Loviisa. These small towns are a great way to escape the hustle-bustle of city life. Enjoy the countryside life in your b&bs and soak in the peace.


4. See the Midnight Sun in Finland

Nighttime is nothing but only a memory from Mind-May to Mid-August, and there is only soothing light. The northern part of Finland is above the Arctic Circle and has unending summer daylight. This is a sight to behold! The days never end, and the sun never sets! It is blissful, indeed. Watching the midnight sun is undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that one must surely have! Rovaniemi is the best place to see this wonderful sight. In other parts, you can see the white night and virtual daylight around the clock. Also, Midsummer is a Finnish celebration celebrating the year's longest day, the summer solstice. People usually spend time with family and friends and enjoy the day.


5. Enjoy a reindeer sleigh ride

Realize your childhood dream of reindeer sleighing in Finland! Play with Santa's reindeer in Lapland and have a time full of giggles and smiles. The best time to experience this is during the winter, when you can enjoy the wilderness of snow and northern lights.This is a popular way of getting close to them and a great activity for families.


3. How to reach Finland from North America?

Reaching Finland from North America is very convenient via flight. You can easily fly from cities from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and more in the USA and Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver in Canada to Helsinki, Turku, and more in Finland.


4. Which language is spoken in Finland? Do people speak English?

Finnish and Swedish are two widely spoken languages in Finland. Yes, English is spoken but not widely across Finland. Usually people who are involved in the tourism sector and younger generations speak English.


5. Is Finland a family-friendly destination?

Finland is a family destination with zoos, lakeside towns, museums, galleries, and activities like reindeer sleighing, husky sleighing, boating, etc. Finland is apt for families.

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Absolute Scandinavia and the Baltics
Loved my recent trip...had excellent city tours in ALL capital cities..loved Noway with snow capped mountains waterfalls and fjords..lots long days but scenery was so spectacular.. Loved Scandinavian architecture.. hotels were all lovely with incredible breakfast buffets ..every country had so much to see and they each had their own beauty and interesting history
05 June, 2023
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