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Panama Tours

Situated at the crossroads of two countries, Panama is one of the most beautiful destinations in Central America. Travelers will discover a rich history with cultural attractions, adventurous activities, and tropical beaches waiting to be explored!

Panama - Discover some of the most breathtaking beaches and nature-rich rainforests in the world!

Home to the world-famous Panama Canal and diverse marine life, Panama is a great destination that offers a splendid mix of natural and urban landmarks. The country is an experience all of its own. Located perfectly above the equator, it is blessed with a lush ecosystem and forested lands inviting visitors to discover its gems. The tourism board says, "Panama is not the destination, but the journey to discover more of what truly matters." So be ready to take on this journey to explore the deep blue waters, rich culture, and history with a trip to Panama. The capital city, Panama City, is the most visited destination in the country. It showcases its visitors the perfect blend of traditional and modern architecture. Known for Panama Canal, an artificial waterway connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, this is a proud feather added to the country's hat. With over 9,00,000 ships sailing over the canal, this engineering marvel has fascinated travelers for years and continues to do so. The city is a modern oasis with soaring skyscrapers as a symbol of the country's progress over the years, complimenting the fascinating colonial buildings honoring the past. Apart from visiting the engineering marvel, the Panama Canal, it would be best if you also visited the historic quarter of the city- Casco Viejo, dotted with ancient churches, colorful houses, and plazas standing as a witness to the country's colonial past. Yes, Panama has a rich history, but it also boasts unspoiled natural beauty. The archipelago of Bocas del Toro and San Bas Islands offer a paradise with turquoise waters, pristine beaches, captivating marine life, and beautiful mangroves. With playful dolphins, opportunities to snorkel and scuba dive and explore the thriving coral reefs, to simply unwinding at the beaches under the shadows of swaying palm trees, the islands welcome you with arms wide open. If you wish to do something unique, you can visit the indigenous Kuna people at San Blas Islands and delve into their rich culture, sail into their dugout canoe, and sample their local seafood, later dancing to the beats of their traditional music. Apart from the mesmerizing island life, Panama offers a lively highland life, with Boquete and El Valle de Anton topping the list. Here the temperatures are cooler, and the landscapes drastically change to lush green coffee fields and lush green mountains. Inhale the freshness of freshly brewed coffee with a visit to the coffee plantation in Boquete, where the first-ever coffee plants had arrived in Panama. Check out the country's finest exports, and bring back some as souvenirs for your coffee-lover friends. For outdoor enthusiasts, hiking on La India Dormida Trail, a popular sunrise point in El Valle de Anton, or cloud forests, home to species of exotic birds and cascading waterfalls, are great ideas. Adrenaline Seekers can also trek to Baru Volcano, the 12th highest peak in Central America, and enjoy stunning views of the Pacific coastline as well as the mountains around. Panama's natural beauty and list of adventures don't end here! With its abundance of nature, watersports, history, and culture, everything comes full circle at the Charges National Park. Apart from enjoying watersports like kayaking, river rafting, or even fishing, you must visit the Embera community on a canoe in the park. The community focuses on a sustainable way of living and similarly promotes tourism in a way that doesn't harm the environment. Take guided tours to learn more about their lifestyle, traditions, and cultures. Also, if you love hiking, you are at the right place. It offers rugged terrains and hills like Cerro Jefe for hiking up and enjoying the amazing views of the Panama Canal. The country also offers opportunities for exploring its culture closely. It is a mix of African, European, and indigenous traditions and customs. Though Spanish is the official language in Panama, many citizens also speak English. The people here love music, which is also a mix of old and new, the most famous being salsa. Art plays an important role in the country's culture. Pottery, intricate textiles, and wood carvings are a significant part of the progressing community even today. The cuisine here is diverse, varying from ceviche to empanadas. Unveil the secrets of Panama as you travel to this spectacular country. From a vibrant culture to exotic landscapes, it has successfully enchanted travelers from around the globe and continues to do so. Growing as a popular tourist destination, the country is perfect for a short vacation from the USA and Canada. With a wide range of activities and sites to offer, Panama awaits your arrival!

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1. What is the best time to visit Panama?

The best time to visit Panama is during late December to April. During these months, it is the dry season. Hence no showers to obstruct your vacation. It rains in Panama from May to early December, and humidity is at its peak. April is the hottest month, and October is the wettest as well the coldest. Hence, the ideal months are from January to early April, wherein you can make the most of your time in Panama.


2. What are the top things to do in Panama?

With blazing colorful life and rugged trails, Panama is home to some of the most breathtaking sites. There is so much to do, from highlands steeped with coffee fields and islands full of coral life to national parks punctuated with hiking trails and culture awaiting exploration. Here's a list of 5 best things you should do in Panama:


1. Watch the huge ships move through the Panama Canal

Over 80 km long, the international shipping channel, Panama Canal, is an engineering marvel located in the heart of the country. It uses a series of mechanized locks to raise and lower ships over the divide. This is one such place you cannot afford to miss on your visit to the city. Check out Miraflores, one of the most famous canal locks, as it is easily reachable. If you wish to see the canal in its complete grandeur, see the Agua Clara Rocks from the Caribbean side.


2. Sip the world-famous Panamanian Coffee in Chiriqui

If you are a coffee lover, you can't miss visiting one of the coffee estates in Boquete in Chiriqui. Coffee production came here to stay during the 19th century and since then has been boosting the local economy here. There are dozens of estates on the fertile hills with the backdrop of the Baru Volcano. Finca Lerida is one of the country's oldest coffee planters, and the extensive property also has hiking trails. As you visit Boquete, sample the local coffee; if you like it, bring back some!


3. Visit the Soberenia National Park

One of the best and most accessible national parks, the Soberania National Park is perfect for a day trip with your family. Forty-five minutes away from Panama City, it is nestled near the banks of the Panama Canal. The national park has the Charges River flowing through it, various species of animals, and dry rainforest. Hiking options here are endless. The Pipeline road, a favorite of hikers and bird-watchers, has the record of spotting the most bird species in 24 hours, i.e., 357 species. Woodpeckers, tanagers, motmots, toucans, hawks, ground cuckoos, etc., are to name a few. On Plantation Road, you will find waterfall points, cocoa, coffee, rubber trees, and different wildlife species. If you wish to mix history with hiking adventures, you may walk on Camino de Cruces. This trail was built back in 1527, liking Old Panama City to the port of Venta de Cruces. Even today, you can see some of the road's original stones.


4. Enjoy the beach life in  Bocas del Toro

One of the main beach destinations in the Caribbean, it is a series of low-lying islands offering soft-sandy beaches enveloped by crystal-clear and azure waters. Wish to relax? Lie under the shade of the palm trees, and spend time in serenity. Are you having an adrenaline rush? You can surf, dive, and snorkel! The main town in the archipelago is the Isla Colon. Visit popular destinations like the Red Frog Beach, Bluff Beach, and Starfish Beach to make the best of this tropical destination.


5. Walk around the streets of Casco Viejo

Breathing of history, the streets of Casco Viejo form the Old Town or the Old Quarter in Panama City. The multi-colored buildings, historic ruins, and views of gleaming towers of the modern city from afar make the stroll inside these lanes all the more interesting. The ruins and buildings are lit up, and there are cute cafes to dine at and boutique hotels for you to stay at. Walking in these alleyways is like a walk in the earlier times, full of peace. The Old Town exists to charm its visitors as it co-exists with the modern advancements of Panama City. As you visit here, you will see the clear contrast between the two.


3. How to reach Panama from North America?

Flights are the best way to reach Panama from the USA. The services ply daily from places like Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, New York, and Houston to Panama City. Flight services are available in Canada from places like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.


4. What is the currency used in Panama?

The US dollar is widely accepted in Panama, though the local currency is Balboa. One Balboa is equivalent to one US dollar. Both currencies circulate alongside each other.


5. What are the visa formalities for North Americans?

Citizens of the USA and Canada do not need a tourist visa to travel to Panama for up to 180 days. 

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Doreen Joyce Gregson
Treasures of Costa Rica and Panama
We loved our trip to Costa Rica/Panama and it was a perfect mix of tours and time on our own. The guides were all great and the hotels (including breakfast) all good -- one less so but not bad... Highly recommend this trip!
14 March, 2024

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