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Austria Tours

Discover the extraordinary mix of architectural beauty and natural scenery in this magnificent European gem!

Travel to the heart of Europe and discover its picturesque beauty and diversity

Austria - Austria takes you on a journey through cultural riches and Alpine splendor. The country finds itself right in the heart of Central Europe, delighting travelers with imperial heritage. Whether you spend your time in Austria discovering its cities steeped in culture, skiing down the slopes, swimming in the crystal-clear waters, or relaxing in the vicinity of its charming old towns, there is a lot that the country offers. If you are someone who is fascinated by history, Austria's cities breathe history, art, and culture. Vienna, the capital city of Austria, is the perfect blend of endearing charm, imperial traditions, and soulful music. The initial settlements here were Roman but later turned into medieval and Baroque city to become what it is today. It is home to grand imperial palaces, world heritage sites, and elegant coffee houses. Every corner of Vienna is beautiful! Explore the historic center of Vienna, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and admire architectural gems like St. Stephen's Cathedral and the Hofburg Palace. See the splendid Schönbrunn Palace, once the summer residence of the Habsburg dynasty, and engross yourself in the opulence of its Baroque gardens and lavishly adorned rooms. The country is the birthplace of Mozart, Beethoven, and Strauss. Music runs in its veins! So grab the chance to attend an opera performance or music concert. Salzburg is another city where you can discover the cultural heritage of the country. It is known as the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the setting of "The Sound of Music." So you can expect a fair share of culture and historic charm intertwined in its streets. Travel back in time as you explore the narrow streets of the Old Town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. See the glorious Salzburg Fortress, perched high above the city. Lose yourself in the world of classical music as you visit Mozart's birthplace. Attend the Salzburg Festival, a world-famous celebration of drama and music, and enjoy performances. Christmas is a big part of Austrian culture. Dip yourself in the magical atmosphere of Austria's Christmas markets. Admire the twinkling lights, browse the stalls for handcrafted gifts, and warm up with a cup of mulled wine or a freshly baked gingerbread cookie. You must attend these Christmas markets if you are traveling to Austria in the month of December- Innsbruck Old Town Christmas Market, Salzburg City Center Christmas Market, Linz Main Square Christmas Market, Graz City Hall Advent Market, Viennese Dream Christmas Market. These Christmas Markets have just grown better over the years, providing you with a memorable experience in Austria. With many cultural and historical gems, Austria houses enchanting palaces and castles boasting marvelous architecture. Schonbrunn Palace is one of the most beautiful and famous palaces in the country. Situated in Vienna, the palace showcases the Baroque style of architecture and has stunningly landscaped gardens. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it has evolved over the years. Another castle that you should visit in Austria is, Hohensalzburg in Salzburg. It is one of the biggest fully preserved medieval fortresses in Europe. This 11th-century castle complex is a real eye-catcher. Discover the romantic charm of Schloss Mirabell in Salzburg, renowned for its stunning gardens and the famous Pegasus Fountain. If you are a nature lover, then Austria's majestic landscapes and outdoor adventures will keep you entertained. Synonymous with the majestic Alps' beauty, Austria provides adventure seekers with a huge playground. Are you a passionate hiker, skier, or snowboarder, or simply wish to unwind in nature's lap? Austria has got you covered. The Austrian Alps offer world-class ski resorts where you can carve through fresh powder on perfectly groomed slopes. Discover the scenic region of Tyrol, the capital city of Innsbruck, having several ski resorts. From the glamour of St. Anton to the family-friendly resorts of Zell am See and Alpbach, there's a ski destination for every level of expertise. Go for hikes in the Hohe Tauern National Park, home to Austria's highest mountain, the Grossglockner. Be hypnotized by the eternal beauty of Salzkammergut, filled with glistening lakes and idyllic towns like Hallstatt and Wolfgangsee. The Austrian Alps offer a multitude of adventures and unforgettable vistas at every turn. During summer, Austria is the perfect destination for cycling, boating, fishing, and other outdoor activities. Kayaking and canoeing in the clear waters of the Danube River are exhilarating activities for visitors to take upon. You can also go for an adrenaline-pumping rafting experience in Salzach, and if you like being on top of the world, go for paragliding in Schmittenhohe. There is no end to the adventurous activities that Austria has to offer. After crazy fun like this, hunger knows no bounds. And that's when Austrian cuisine comes into the picture. The country's culinary scene is a treat for food lovers. It has heart and flavorsome dishes waiting to be relished. Try the tasty Wiener Schnitzel, a breaded and fried veal or pork cutlet accompanied by traditional side dishes like potato salad or dumplings. Don't miss the mouthwatering Tafelspitz, tender boiled beef served with horseradish and apple-horseradish sauce. Remember to try the scrumptious Sachertorte, a chocolate cake with apricot jam and dark chocolate icing, considered one of Austria's culinary masterpieces. Pair your meals with a glass of fine Austrian wine or indulge in a cup of Viennese coffee at a traditional coffee house, where you can savor the ambiance of old-world charm. Austrian cuisine is a gift to your senses! Austria is sure a country that would leave an indelible expression on everyone's heart who visits this place. With the historic streets, magnificent Alps, charming towns, and fairytale castles, there is no end to what Austria has in store for you!

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1. What is the best time to visit Austria?

The best time to visit Austria depends on what you wish to experience. The country experiences tourism during most of the months. Usually, June to August is the busiest time for tourism in Austria. If you want to experience festivals, like the zenith of the world’s classical-music circuit, the Salzburger Festspiele, this is the time. These months are also great for hiking and exploring the country in general. April- May (spring), September- October (autumn) experience shoulder months. The crowds are less, and you can explore Austria better. Hiking, biking, climbing, and paragliding, everything can be done. If you are into skiing and snow activities, then November-February is apt months for you.

2. What are the top things to do in Austria?

Austria associates itself with great natural splendor, skiing, and storybook castles. The country has a long list of things you can do whenever visiting here, but there are some of the best activities you should not miss.

1. Admiring Vienna's Imperial Splendor

Vienna is the elegant capital of Austria, boasting Baroque architecture, which is hard to ignore. You can see prosperous buildings and immensely decorated monuments everywhere in Vienna. Indulge yourself in the grandeur of its past with a visit to iconic landmarks like the UNESCO-listed Schonbrunn Palace, a sight to behold; Hofburg Palace, one of the most photographed landmarks in the country, and St. Stephen's Cathedral, known for its majestic towers dominating Vienna's skyline decades. These attractions are sure to take your breath away! Also, visit traditional coffee houses and sip the famous Viennese coffee.

2. Delight in the Alpine Beauty of Hallstatt

Located in the breathtaking Austrian Alps, the picturesque village of Hallstatt is a true gem. Admire the idyllic setting, with colorful houses reflecting in the crystal-clear waters of Lake Hallstatt. Take a boat ride on the lake, explore the charming streets, and visit the Hallstatt Salt Mine to learn about the village's rich history. Don't forget to hike up to the "Skywalk," a panoramic viewing platform offering mesmerizing views of the surrounding mountains.

3. Experience the Magnificence of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road

Go on a road trip along the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, one of the most scenic Alpine roads in Europe. The winding mountain rope has breathtaking views of Grossglockner, the highest peak in Austria. The road is 48 km long and has 36 turns accompanied by blue sky, lush valleys, azure lakes, and of course the, snowcapped mountains. Biking on the road can be a little challenging, but driving in the car is the best way to make the most of it.

4. Explore the Exquisite Lake District

The Austrian Lake District, located near Salzburg, is a region of incredible natural beauty. Discover the charm of the Wolfgangsee, Mondsee, and Fuschlsee lakes, enveloped by rolling hills and picturesque villages. Take a boat ride on the lakes, hike through the lush forests, or cycle along the scenic paths. Visit the quaint village of St. Wolfgang, with its iconic church and historic cog railway, and immerse yourself in the peaceful ambiance of this idyllic region.

5. Enjoy snow sports at Austria's highest ski resort

Pitztal Glacier, situated at a height of 3,440 mts, is the highest ski resort in Austria. The winter season starts here in September, and you can enjoy the snow activities until April. The snow cover here lasts for a very long time. Ski down the snowy slopes with panoramic views of the snowladen mountains. You can even indulge in snowboarding, another fun winter sport. Have regional delicacies and coffee to have a more enriching experience.

3. How to reach Austria from North America?

Reaching via flight is the fastest and the most convenient way to reach Austria from North America. You can easily find flights from New York, Chicago, Washington D.C. (USA), and Toronto, Montreal (Canada) to Vienna, Salzburg, and Innsbruck in Austria. The flight time varies between 8-14 hours, depending on the selection of the flight.

4. Do I require a visa to travel to Austria?

The citizens of the US and Canada do not require a visa to travel to Austria for 90 days or less within 180 days. If you wish to travel for more than 90 days, you would need to apply for a Schengen visa.

5. How is the transportation within Austria?

The modes of transportation in Austria include tram, subway,  bus, and local train. Vienna has the most efficient transportation system, which works on honesty. There are no ticket barriers or checks. You just board the transport and travel to your destination. It is usually buses and trams within the cities, while the capital is the only city to have a metro.

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Austria Tour Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Verified Customer
Miriam Rita Agia
Essential Italy and Switzerland
An amazing trip to Italy and Switzerland! We saw so much, and the tour guides were fantastic, organized and professional. Hotels were good too.
24 May, 2023
Verified Customer
Dazzling Danube
The Picturesque Danube tour was outstanding. The crew on the Miss Vivienne were very attentive, friendly, & professional. The ship was immaculate. This is by far, is the best vacation I've ever had!
28 June, 2022
Verified Customer
Salim Sadrudin Ratanshi
Best of Vienna, Budapest and Prague
Very well organized, did not miss anything, in addition had our own free time.
14 November, 2019
Verified Customer
Lynn Ann Martin
Best of Vienna, Budapest and Prague
A few if the excursions we're mediocre.
30 May, 2019

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