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Travel Styles

Share intimate experiences while traveling to foreign destinations in small groups!

Take advantage of competitive rates and comfortable travels with Small Group Tours. We set a maximum limit of 25 guests for our Small Group Tours with an average group size of 12-14 passengers. Enjoy in-depth experiences in exotic destinations with more time for sightseeing and closer interaction with your experienced local Tour Guide. Bond with your travel buddies and make close connections as you reduce waiting times for excursions and free up lots of time for exploring! This is an excellent option for traveling while following social distancing protocols and maximizing safety with the support of a group in foreign countries. These itineraries have been carefully crafted by our expert travel planners to offer the highest quality experiences for travelers.

Unbundled Tours are innovative core concepts at Indus Travels – tailor-made trips designed by our talented team of Travel Planners specifically to suit each client’s special requests, and available in most destinations. Providing more flexibility and options than ever, our Unbundled Tours include all the essentials of a group tour: international flights from major gateways in North America, airport transfers, all hotel accommodations with breakfast, and, major sightseeing in each destination. What are not included are many optional tours,  which you have the freedom pick and choose as per your preference and imagination! The choice of activities is yours; from cycling, zip-lining, culinary and wine-tastings to enriching cultural and historical sight-seeing excursions.  This way you only pay for tours and activities you want to do and in process saving both time and money! Unbundled tours are offered in almost all of our destinations, and Indus Travellers get the advantage of the lower prices offered on group tours, without the large groups. 

Prepare for fascinating adventures with excellent value and stay within your budget!

Searching for the highest value for your money? A Value Group Tour might be the perfect option for you! Travel in a high-energy group of adventurers looking to explore new destinations. Make incredible connections, beat loneliness, and share wonderful experiences as you embark on sightseeing excursions with extraordinary sights, trustworthy guides, and comfortable accommodation! These itineraries are designed and operated by our selected travel partners with the budget and satisfaction of travelers in mind. With select Value Group Tours, you may join guests from other countries and expand your network. You will discover new destinations with adventures that are great for your wallet and soul!

Discover breathtaking destinations while traveling the world with comfort and safety!

Dreaming of traveling the world while following social distancing protocols? Ultra-Small Group Tours are perfect for adventure seekers who are looking to stay safe and spontaneous! These tours were created by Indus Travels with health and safety standards in mind. You can expect excellent experiences that are high in quality and safe for travelers. They are limited to a maximum of six passengers, giving you ample opportunity to connect with your travel buddies and bond with your Local Tour Guide as you discover fascinating new destinations around the world. Make lifelong connections with your fellow passengers as you enjoy personalized and exclusive services with the safety and comfort of traveling in your small bubble while practicing social distancing and making your travel dreams come true!

Pay no additional fees for single supplements and secure a private room for yourself!

If there is nothing you hate more than being all alone in a beautiful destination, then check out the Indus Travels Solo Tours. These tours have been carefully crafted and refined by our expert tour planners to offer excellent experiences for Solo travelers. Experience the life and soul of our breathtaking destinations with English-Speaking Tour Guides by your side in a small group setting. Forget about the safety issues connected with traveling alone! Your bank balance will be happy too, as you will pay no fees for single supplements. Travel in comfort and style as you enjoy a room to yourself. Solo Tours are a great way to stay safe, beat loneliness, make incredible connections, and save money as you discover the most beautiful destinations in the world.

Enjoy the freedom of traveling on your own while following a pre-booked itinerary!

Fancy the idea of traveling with freedom and flexibility? Work with travel experts to select sightseeing tours and activities that blend perfectly into your itinerary. They will take care of all the details of your trip as you set the pace of your journey and travel with a pre-booked schedule and accommodation. You will receive unbeatable value from maximum savings and excellent excursions with this combination of private and shared services designed for the adventure of a lifetime!

With Self-Guided Active Tours, you may go cycling in foreign countries, hike extraordinary mountains, or walk along the streets of the world’s most fascinating destinations as you boost your health, travel the world, and discover breathtaking sights!

Discover foreign destinations from the comfort and luxury of your floating hotel!

Looking to travel the world in a new and exhilarating way? Discover the most beautiful rivers on Earth with an extravagant river cruise. These extraordinary packages offer excellent quality and luxurious experiences for passengers. Cruise from city to city as you visit famous capitals with magnificent cityscapes from the comfort of your floating hotel. Enjoy luxurious experiences onboard mixed with fascinating adventures in famous capitals. Travel to Europe with a cruise on the Rhine, Seine, or Danube, explore Egypt as you sail along the Nile, or embark on a truly unforgettable journey through Southeast Asia via the Mekong. You will discover extraordinary attractions with comfort, safety, convenience, and semi-private service and embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

Drive through the most incredible parks in the world in search of exotic animals from all-terrain vehicles!

Leave the world you know behind to explore the African wilderness. Discover the unspoiled beauty of the most breathtaking parks on the planet. Embark on an exhilarating game drive in search of The Big Five with a 4x4 safari vehicle equipped for all types of terrains. Most safari tours are ultra-small group tours seating up to 7 passengers and are the perfect option for socially distanced travels! Take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Rhinoceros and Cape Buffalos. You will be led by Safari Directors following detailed itineraries designed by our Expert Travel Partners. Accommodations may range from colonial refinement to rustic elegance and adventures will be nothing short of magical.

Our Self-Drive packages are crafted for independent-minded travellers who love the open road.  Our suggested itinerary allows you to travel with freedom and flexibility.  On Self-Drive tours, you decide the pace of your itinerary and we help you with suggested activities or excursions to enrich your experience and cover a number of outstanding attractions and places with historic and cultural significance. Our Self-Drive packages provide complete flexibility with the assurance of a pre-planned itinerary and pre-booked accommodation.  

Find the perfect balance of travel and wellness as you boost your health while exploring the world!

Rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul with these yoga and wellness packages! Enjoy a peaceful retreat in a traditional Balinese spa. Work on your sun salutation on a breathtaking Tuscan hillside or practice your warrior poses on the River Ganges. Meditate on the colorful coasts of Sri Lanka while you bask in the sun and restore your energy. Enrich your yoga practice or enjoy Ayurvedic treatments as you immerse yourself into fascinating foreign cultures. These packages were designed by our value partners with the most breathtaking destinations in mind and serene environments for growth and reflection.

Are you suffering from Game of Thrones withdrawal? Are you yearning to lose yourself in wild sea cliffs, old growth forests and crumbling Medieval ruins? Well fear not, because Indus Travels has a whole host of tours available that take you to real-life Game of Thrones filming locations. Visit Castle Ward—which is the original Winterfell in the series—on our tours to Ireland. Wander through the winding streets of Dubrovnik’s Old Town—which stands in as King’s Landing in the show. Or if you’d like to experience the incredible landscapes that stand in as ‘Beyond the Wall’ in the series, our Iceland itineraries will sure impress you. The epic series may be over, but Game of Thrones lives on in our tours!

Connect with new cultures and landscapes and be physically active at the same time!

Our Active Tours follow a new travelling philosophy Indus is offering that combines adventure, ecotourism and culture. They are the perfect blend between cultural interaction, discovery  and physical challenge. Active tourism allows one to travel under one’s own power so it is low-impact, ecological and socially compatible. These tours provide the opportunity to discover hidden corners of this world while learning new skills and challenging oneself. It is all about actively exploring new places. Active tourism aims to combine recreation, exploration and education.

Looking to travel the world in a new and exhilarating way? Embark on a breathtaking river cruise along the most magnificent rivers in Europe. These extraordinary packages will take you from city to city as you discover famous capitals and picturesque cities thriving with culture. Cruise along the River Rhine as you visit Strasbourg, Cologne, and Dusseldorf, discover Paris on the banks of the River Seine, or sail along the Danube with stops in Vienna, Budapest, and Bratislava. You will discover extraordinary attractions with safety and comfort, convenience, and luxurious accommodation!  

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Discover inspiring guided group tours to Europe and explore new sights and sounds across the Old Continent. Choose to travel to one destination only or opt for a multi-country tour to squeeze more into your holiday! Explore the Norwegian fjords, learn about the Scandinavian culture and see the incredible castles and landscapes in the U.K. Do you prefer to chase the sun? Pick a tour through the Mediterranean and visit France, Italy Spain and Portugal in one go or get to know each one in depth.

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Take advantage of our last minute travel deals to top travel destinations and book your next adventure!

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