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Travel Styles

Small Group Tours

We offer Small Group Tours departing on set dates, which are guaranteed to operate with a maximum of 22 travellers, though actual tour group sizes are often smaller. As there are more of you travelling together, it means that we can negotiate excellent rates and can offer benefits such as knowledgeable, local English-speaking guides, air-conditioned coaches and deluxe accommodation at surprisingly affordable prices. Many of our clients, whether they are travelling alone or with family or friends, find these small group tours a great opportunity to meet like-minded travellers and share their experiences. These tours are also a great option for travellers who are new to a country or who want to see the major sights under expert guidance. Our local travel guides have crafted tour schedules to provide a good balance of free time and planned activities, so all you have to do is relax and enjoy your vacation.  If you would like to organize your own small group tour – be it with family, friends or colleagues – we are more than happy to work with you to put together an itinerary to any of our destinations. We will use our wealth of experience to ensure you have an unbeatable itinerary at an excellent price, and we can provide you with comfortable, reliable transportation and the best guides in the business!

Unbundled Tours

Unbundled Tours are innovative core concepts at Indus Travels – tailor-made trips designed by our talented team of Travel Planners specifically to suit each client’s special requests, and available in most destinations. Providing more flexibility and options than ever, our Unbundled Tours include all the essentials of a group tour: international flights from major gateways in North America, airport transfers, all hotel accommodations with breakfast, and, major sightseeing in each destination. What are not included are many optional tours,  which you have the freedom pick and choose as per your preference and imagination! The choice of activities is yours; from cycling, zip-lining, culinary and wine-tastings to enriching cultural and historical sight-seeing excursions.  This way you only pay for tours and activities you want to do and in process saving both time and money! Unbundled tours are offered in almost all of our destinations, and Indus Travellers get the advantage of the lower prices offered on group tours, without the large groups. 

Value Group Tours

In some of our destinations we offer larger Group tours that boast unbeatable value for your money. All of these trips depart on set dates and include transportation in spacious, air-conditioned coaches, English-speaking local guides and comfortable accommodation. The itineraries are hugely popular as they have been honed and crafted over time based on client feedback to include the most remarkable and memorable sights. The tours also typically include a balanced mix of scheduled sightseeing, free time and optional trips, offering travellers the greatest flexibility at the most affordable prices. These tour packages are operated by our carefully selected, valued local suppliers and may be shared with other English-speaking passengers.

Ultra Small Group Tour

Join our intimate Ultra-Small Group Tour, which is guaranteed to operate with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 travellers. This group size will allow you to spend more personal time with your fellow travelers, have more interaction time with your local guide and overall have a more in-depth experience of the destination at the same time maintaining extra physical distancing. Our Ultra Small Groups includes all of the new health and safety measures as well.

Whilst you will enjoy preferential group rate, you will get exclusive and personalize services. If you would like to organise your own Ultra-Small Group with your family, friends or colleagues – we are more than happy to work with you to put together an itinerary to any of our destination. We will make sure that you will get unbeatable prices with unparalleled comfort.

Solo Tours

Tours for solo travelers - If there’s nothing you hate more than being all alone in a beautiful destination, then check out Indus Travels Solo Tours. You can experience the life and soul of our global destinations with our English-speaking guides without worrying about any of the safety issues connected to traveling alone. Your bank balance will like our Solo Tours too because there is no fee for a single supplement and you will get a room for yourself! Indus Travels Solo Tours are a great way to stay safe, beat loneliness, meet like-minded people, travel in a group, and save money in the process all while discovering some of the most intriguing destinations on earth! 

Independent Tours

If you like the idea of a private tour but are travelling on a budget, then please inquire about our semi-private Independent options. These tours give you the flexibility of a custom made trip: you choose a departure date, route, the hotel standard and the duration. Our in-house experts will then work with you to select small group sightseeing trips, often half or full day tours, that fit into your itinerary. This semi-private option keeps costs low while providing greater flexibility than our scheduled group tours.


Imagine seeing iconic cities, phenominal landscapes, and magnificent historical sites all from the comfort of your cabin! Cruising on rivers and oceans gives you a completely new perspective on how you can travel, and a truly unique experience! At Indus, we hand-select cruise itineraries that are culturally enriching, intimate and comfortably paced. We offer a range of vessels to suit your preferences and style of cruising. Be sure to further explore each destination through individual and packaged shore excursions that we can organize for a seamless experience. Let us connect you to many popular cruising itineraries and provide you a cruising adventure of a lifetime!


Leave the world as you know it behind and travel into the rugged wilderness to see the unspoiled natural beauty of Africa for an extraordinary Safari Tour experience. Taking you across the tundra in four-wheel drive, all-terrain vehicles, our expert guides provide a seamless, unforgettable safari experience, and the once-in a lifetime opportunity to view Big Five Game: Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Rhinoceros and Cape Buffalo. We provide you with award-winning Safari Directors, for whom the bush is a home away from home. Your accommodations range from colonial refinement to rustic elegance, and cosset you in sublime comfort even in the midst of Africa's rugged wilds.

Self Drive

Our Self-Drive packages are crafted for independent-minded travellers who love the open road.  Our suggested itinerary allows you to travel with freedom and flexibility.  On Self-Drive tours, you decide the pace of your itinerary and we help you with suggested activities or excursions to enrich your experience and cover a number of outstanding attractions and places with historic and cultural significance. Our Self-Drive packages provide complete flexibility with the assurance of a pre-planned itinerary and pre-booked accommodation.  

Yoga & Wellness Tours

Can you imagine yourself taking a relaxing yoga class at an exotic Balinese spa? Working on your sun salutation on a Tuscan hillside? Standing strong in warrior pose on the shores of the River Ganges? Or breathing deeply as you meditate on Sri Lanka’s stunning south coast?

Yes? Then it’s time to do your mind, body and spirit a big favour and book yourself on an Indus Travels Yoga and Wellness Tour. These life-enhancing trips feature the perfect blend of yoga practice, cultural exploration, mind-expanding travel and wellness experiences. From the temples and forests of Bali to the medieval villages and wineries of Tuscany, and from the incredible architecture and ancient culture of India to the mighty fortresses and amazing beaches of Sri Lanka – a Yoga and Wellness Tour will change your life for the better.​

Game Of Thrones

Are you suffering from Game of Thrones withdrawal? Are you yearning to lose yourself in wild sea cliffs, old growth forests and crumbling Medieval ruins? Well fear not, because Indus Travels has a whole host of tours available that take you to real-life Game of Thrones filming locations. Visit Castle Ward—which is the original Winterfell in the series—on our tours to Ireland. Wander through the winding streets of Dubrovnik’s Old Town—which stands in as King’s Landing in the show. Or if you’d like to experience the incredible landscapes that stand in as ‘Beyond the Wall’ in the series, our Iceland itineraries will sure impress you. The epic series may be over, but Game of Thrones lives on in our tours!

Active Tours

Connect with new cultures and landscapes and be physically active at the same time!

Our Active Tours follow a new travelling philosophy Indus is offering that combines adventure, ecotourism and culture. They are the perfect blend between cultural interaction, discovery  and physical challenge. Active tourism allows one to travel under one’s own power so it is low-impact, ecological and socially compatible. These tours provide the opportunity to discover hidden corners of this world while learning new skills and challenging oneself. It is all about actively exploring new places. Active tourism aims to combine recreation, exploration and education.

Tours to Spain Portugal And Morocco

Tours to Spain, Portugal And Morocco

Tours to Italy Spain And Portugal

Explore the beauty of Southern Europe with our special packages designed for Italy, Spain, and Portugal. Bask under the sun and enjoy the Mediterranean climate as you immerse yourself in the incredible culture that each country has to offer. Discover the beautiful architecture and learn about the rich history from a knowledgeable English-speaking tour guide. You will fall in love with the charming streets, world-renown cuisine, and high-quality wines. From the high-fashion streets of Milan to the beautiful basilicas of Barcelona, get ready to see the charm and diversity of Southern Europe. Explore our multi-country packages to get the full experience or narrow it down and focus on one country to explore.

Tours to Northern Europe

Between breathtaking scenery, rich culture, and fascinating history, it’s no wonder why Northern Europe is home to some of the happiest countries in the world! Discover Oslo’s fascinating mix of city and nature as you embark on a breathtaking journey through Norway. Explore the extraordinary palaces, scenic National Parks, and remarkable northern lights as you meet the friendly natives of Sweden.  Discover awe-inspiring architecture unique to Germany, a fascinating country that will offer you the perfect combination of modern and historical as you explore the evergreen scenery and world-renown landmarks. Uncover the significant religious sites and medieval narrow streets in the Baltics as you explore Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. Don’t forget to travel through the UK and discover the most remarkable cities in Britain!

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