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Scotland Tours

Famous for its romantic traditions, magnificent landscapes, and extraordinary castles, Scotland is a top travel destination that offers plenty of fascinating sights for history buffs, lovers of architecture, and nature fanatics to see! Discover some of the most extraordinary scenery in the world as you uncover years of history and traditions.

Scotland - Travel to the land of misty moors, legendary lochs, and breathtaking landscapes mixed with extraordinary cities!

Scotland Tours - When anyone says "Scotland," an image of bagpipers and highlanders in a backdrop of rugged valleys and magnificent castles conjures up. Scotland is a heart stealer, blessed with secluded beaches, majestic mountains, lush-green moors, and deep glens. From Loch Lomond to the iconic Edinburgh Castle, this breathtakingly beautiful destination offers its visitors an unforgettable experience. Whether it is the shimmering cities, the historic towns, or the remote islands, a trip to Scotland has much to offer. Its lively culture has been weaved for centuries, giving you an opportunity to immerse in its rich, colorful heritage by participating in its highland games and music festivals. If you are traveling to Scotland, you can sample its famous whiskey by touring its distilleries: Glenfiddich Distillery and the Macallan Distillery. Don't forget to delve into its mouth-watering cuisine. The authentic local food involves seafood, haggis, shortbread, and stews. Home to endless historic sites, Scotland is a favorite among history lovers. The famous Edinburgh Castle, situated in the capital city of Edinburgh, is one of the most prominent landmarks in Scotland. Uncover thousands of years of history as you visit the ancient castle that has dominated the city's skyline since the 13th century. Standing high atop the basalt rock, it offers visitors splendid views of the city and takes them through the roaring history of Scotland. Take on a journey to the old days as you walk around the medieval Old Town of Edinburgh, punctuated with dozens of hidden gems in cobbled streets. Another castle that would take your breath away is Stirling Castle, which is also a symbol of Scottish Independence. It is one of Scotland's most important castles, both architecturally and historically. The stone castle peaked at its significance in the 1500s. Generations of monarchs in Scotland have lived and ruled the areas from here. Visit the Great Hall, the country's largest medieval banquet hall. You may explore Glasglow, the biggest city in Scotland, famous for its art, culture, and music. Scotland has natural beauty in abundance! Its highlands are a breath of fresh air and a great place to relax and unwind. With dramatic peaks and remote valleys, travelers can hike through the countryside or ride a bike and discover the ins and outs of the locations. Visit Inverness, located at the crossing place of the River Ness, with highlands at its doorstep. Attracting visitors from around the globe, the city boasts natural landscapes and ancient ruins and is just a few minutes drive from the world-famous Loch Ness. Loch Ness is a mysterious destination you must have on your bucket list. Steeped in mystery, the lake is known for its Scottish folklore monster Nessie, who has been sighted by many, and scientists have been left baffled by its existence. Don't believe us? Take a boat tour of the lake's dark waters and find it for yourself! The Scottish highlands are shredded with a long history, which one can uncover with a visit to the 13th century Eilean Donan Castle, a stronghold of the Mackenzie Clan. Not only does it play a prominent role in history, but today it stands strong as one of the most picturesque castles in Scotland. Apart from the astonishing castles and highlands, Scotland is also known for its national parks- Cairngorms and the Trossachs. Located near the Isle of the Skye, Fairy Pools is yet another location in Scotland that will leave you awestruck. The cascading waterfalls flowing through the carved rocks form pools of turquoise water that are a paradise for nature lovers and photographers. Lakes are a huge part of Scotland's beauty as they carry myths and Gaelic legends, adding magic to the landscapes. The iconic Loch Lomond is one of the most popular lakes in Scotland and is called the Queen of the Scottish Lakes. It lures anglers because it has an abundance of whitefish, salmon, trout, and hikers to hike up nearby areas and enjoy the scenic views. You may also want to visit Soctland's longest freshwater Loch, Lake Awe having many castle ruins on its banks. It is a surreal place to be surrounded by the mountains of Ben Lui and Ben Cruachan. With many outdoor opportunities, Sotland is also an adventurer's playground. Biking down the rugged terrains, hiking in cairngorms, gliding along the Hebridean's shoreline, or kayaking in the sea, the adrenaline-pumping activities are endless! Also known as the home of golf, it has 587 courses, the most per head in any country, majorly in Edinburgh and Glasglow. St. Andrews' Old Course is the most famous one, whereas there are many others like Muirfield, Royal Troon, and Gleneagles to choose from. Whether you are a culture vulture, an outdoor enthusiast, or someone who believes in soaking in the best of nature, the country leaves you wanting for more. Its big skies, exciting wildlife, and architecture that gives an old-town experience are the perfect setting for a great vacation. Scotland might be a small country, about the size of South Carolina, but the amount of destinations it has for its visitors is unmatched! From unwinding at the hilltops, witnessing sunsets, and walking in the refreshing highlands, the wonderland of Scotland awaits you!

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1. What is the best time to visit Scotland?

There is no sight as beautiful as the sun rising over Scottish Glen and biding adieu behind Edinburgh Castle. To experience Scotland at its best, plan a trip during July and August, which are the summer months. These are known as the busiest months to spot wildlife, and even visitors from around the flock to enjoy the landscapes of the Highlands. Another reason for you to visit Scotland during this time is the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which is a multi-week festival taking place in the month of August every year. The months from May to September are great if you wish to experience the Highland Games. The events are held at various locations, and different Scottish sports are played. Post-September, Scotland has a fall season, and temperatures start to dip! If you wish to witness the highlands in full bloom, you may visit during the Spring Season (late March-May) when the days are longer and warmer.

2. What are the Top Things to do in Scotland?

Scotland is a country full of unique experiences. Here is a list of things you shouldn't miss on your Scotland tour.

1. Cruise the Loch Ness and Caledonian Canal

Famous for its mythical monster, Loch Ness connects Scotland's eastern and western coasts. It is joined together with three other canals by the Caledonian Canal. You can join cruise excursions or a 6-hour long end-to-end voyage to discover the whole Canal. Surrounded by stunning highland scenery, each Loch has an intriguing story, but Loch Ness attracts most of the people. The breathtaking beauty of the Loch and its Urquhart Castle, which had fallen victim to fire some 500 years ago, will leave you spellbound.

2. Discover the Isle of Skye along with inner Hebrides

Popular among nature lovers, ramblers, and birders, Skye's wild and romantic scenery is dotted by caves, glens, and sandy beaches. The island remains home to oak forests and wildlife species like seals and 200 species of birds. You may reach Skye, one of the largest islands in Scotland, by ferry from the mainland. Oher Hebrides that you can explore are Jura, Staffa, Isly, Mull, and Iona.

3. Visit Edinburgh

Edinburgh has winding streets and an ancient castle situated on a dormant volcano. Famous for Edinburgh Castle, which has been in Scotland since the 13th century, is one of the country's most prominent landmarks. See the Crown of Jewels, St. Margaret's Chapel, and the Stone of Destiny on your visit here. While you are in Edinburgh, you can also visit the National Museum of Scotland, housing some of the most intriguing medieval artifacts and displays related to science and art. Lastly, one of the most iconic places here is Arthur's Seat, where you can hike and enjoy the gorgeous views of the city.

4. Admire the beauty of Sterling Castle

Childhood home to Mary Queen of Scots, this castle is one of the best preserved Renaissance castles in the UK. While some structures in the castle still stand, some have been restored and furnished to their old appearance. The place reflects enduring power and will, similar to that of the Scottish monarchs. People visiting here can look at the battlefields of Stirling Bridge, a place where armies clashed to decide the nation centuries ago.

5. Travel to Fort William

The picturesque town of Fort Willam is the gateway to the UK's highest mountain peak- Ben Nevis. Known as the Outdoor Capital of the UK, the town is famous for weekend getaways among the locals. With sandy beaches, exciting film locations, ancient castles, and distilleries, there is a lot that visitors can do in Fort Willaim. Discover Lochaber, spend time witnessing the views of Ben Nevis and relax at some of the most beautiful beaches.


6. Revisit history at the site of the Battle of Culloden

The place marks the battlefield wherein in 1746, Scotland fought against England for independence. You begin your tour with the state-of-the-art visitor's center. There are displays offering many people's perspectives and first-hand accounts of the historical day in Scotland's history. There's also an interesting film that shows how the events unfolded. Walk around the site and visit gravestones of the Scottish clan, Cumberland Stone, a spot from where the English soldiers commanded, and Old Leanach cottage.

3. How to reach Scotland from North America

Cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow have flight connectivity from places like New York, Boston, Toronto, and more in North America. The flights are a comfortable and convenient way to travel from the cities in North America to beautiful Scotland.

4. Is Scotland a safe country?

Scotland has a significantly lower crime rate than the rest of the UK. Of course, no place is crime free, but it is very unlikely for a traveler to encounter any safety issues in Scotland. Therefore, one can say that it is a safe and welcoming country. Even so, you must be vigilant at all times, must trust your intuition, and avoid hiking in the mountains alone. Also, keep your original passport in your hotel's safe and carry a photocopy just in case. Don't carry a lot of cash, as credit cards are widely accepted. Just keep a small amount in case of emergencies, and if you wish to take the whole lot, split it with your friends.

5. How is the tipping culture in Scotland?

Scotland has a 10% tipping culture, though no hard and fast rule governs it. If you are happy with the services received, you may give a 10% tip at a restaurant or to a taxi driver. At the cafes, check the bill before tipping. If the service charges are levied, you may skip giving the tip.

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I concluded the UK/Ireland/France trip in mid-October and am still raving about it. Trip well-organized, and very knowledgeable guides. Can’t wait to travel with Indus again
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