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Nepal Tours

Discover ancient treasures, magnificent temples, gorgeous landscapes, and otherworldly views of the Himalayan Mountains in Nepal. This breathtaking country is home to the world-famous Mount Everest, the wildlife-rich Chitwan National Park, and the extraordinary Phewa Lake. Explore the country of contrasts to see the natural, architectural, and spiritual beauty for yourself!

Found in the far reaches of the Himalayas between India and China, Nepal is one of the most mysterious and fascinating destinations on Earth!

Home to the tallest mountain in the world, Nepal is a fascinating travel destination that must be on your bucket list. From the charming old town of Dhulikhel to the World Heritage Sites of Kathmandu, this South Asian nation is full of beauty and wonder! Catch a flight over Mount Everest and bask in the extraordinary beauty of the Himalayas. Head on a wildlife safari to search for 50 species of mammals, 525 species of birds, and 55 species of reptiles and amphibians in Chitwan National Park. Enjoy a relaxing vacation at the Pokhara resort or enjoy a breathtaking boat ride on Phewa Lake. There is plenty to see and do in this beautiful destination that will leave you with truly unforgettable memories! Nepal, a vividly diverse country located in South Asia, though small in size, lures mountain and adventure lovers from across the globe. Its colorful culture, warm hospitality, and mesmerizing landscapes make it a unique travel destination. Hiking in the Himalayas, having a spiritually awakening experience, savoring the local cuisine, and being intrigued by local rituals and customs, there is so much that Nepal offers. It can be a cultural eye-opener, an adrenaline feast, and a life-changing experience. From the majestic Himalayas to the ancient temples and palaces, Nepal offers a glimpse into a world that is unlike any other. Soak in the beauty of the enchanting Himalayas from everywhere in the country. One cannot discuss Nepal and not mention the majestic Himalayas, its crown jewel. Eight of the world's highest peaks find themselves within the borders of the country, including the mighty Mt. Everest. The Langtang, Annapurna, and Everest areas have great trekking trails, taking you through various villages, picturesque valleys, and splendid mountain vistas. Trekking enthusiasts worldwide visit Nepal to usually do The Everest basecamp trek, Annapurna Circuit, and Langtang Valley trek. These are only a few popular treks that one can venture onto in Nepal, and many more are amidst nature's grandeur. There is so much beyond the Himalayas that Nepal has to offer. It has diverse wildlife and ecosystems. The refreshing green valleys of Pokhara, dotted with serene lakes and beautiful mountain vistas, are apt for a relaxing vacation. One can enjoy an exciting boat ride on Rara Lake, Begnas Lake, and Phewa Lake, surrounded by breathtaking mountain ranges. Chitwan National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a treasure for wildlife lovers. Take a thrilling jungle safari and spot rare species such as the Bengal tiger, one-horned rhinoceros, and Asian elephant. With its secluded and unspoiled wilderness, Bardia National Park gives an immersive wildlife experience for those seeking a more off-the-beaten-path adventure. Visitors can take part in bird-watching tours, jungle safaris, and nature walks to cherish Nepal's natural landscapes and wildlife. Another best thing to do in Nepal is visit its temples. The culture of this country is clearly reflected in its temples, monasteries, and stupas. The Pashupatinath Temple, located in the capital city of Kathmandu, is one of the most sacred Hindu shrines in the world and attracts thousands of pilgrims every year. Standing on the banks of the holy Bagmati River, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site attracting devotees from around the world. The Swayambhunath Stupa, also known as the Monkey Temple, is another popular tourist spot that offers incredible city views and a peak into Buddhist culture. Up next, the Boudhnath Stupa stands as a symbol of enlightenment and peace and serves as an important pilgrimage site for Buddhists. Lumbini, which is the birthplace of Buddha, also holds a spiritual significance. Durbar Squares in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan exude historical charm, adorned with intricately carved palaces, pagodas, and temples. The Kumari, or Living Goddess, is a unique cultural phenomenon that fascinates visitors. A melting pot of many cultures, Nepal also has a blooming tapestry of festivals. Tihar and Dashain are two of the most essential festivals taking place in October and November. These involve massive feasts and dancing to traditional songs. Holi, the festival of colors, is another famous celebration in Nepal. It takes place in March, and people enjoy throwing colors and water at each other and later savor sweets. People in Nepal are very warm and welcoming. You should have a taste of Nepalese hospitality. They accept visitors with open hearts and big smiles. Small tea stalls are a great place to strike up a conversation with the locals and share their stories and experiences. Also, when in Nepal, you cannot miss relishing the flavorful Nepalese cuisine. Mind you, it is spicy! Sadly, Nepal was struck by an earthquake in 2015 and, since then, has been working hard to recover. Tourism plays a crucial role in this recovery! The resilience and hard work that the Nepalese have shown in coming back and rebuilding everyone is commendable. Nepal is a unique and fascinating tourist destination that offers a blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and warm hospitality. Despite its challenges, Nepal has much to offer visitors who are looking for an authentic travel experience that is unlike any other. The country invites you to have a life-changing experience like noplace else. It is a place that unites the hearts of adventurers, nature lovers, and spiritual seekers alike.

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 1. When is the best time to visit Nepal?

 October to November is considered to be the best time to visit Nepal. This is the dry season, well-suited for treks and exploring the country. The views are clear, temperatures are mildly cold, and days are sunny. This is the peak season in Nepal so if you plan to travel during this time, make the bookings well in advance. The spring season (March and April) is also a good time to visit the country as you can see the valleys in full bloom.

 2. What are the top things to do in Nepal?

When it comes to the things to do in Nepal, the list is long. The country has so much in store for tourists that any amount of days would be less to experience everything. But here are the top things you should do in Nepal enough to give you a glimpse of the country's bank of experiences.

 1. Unleash the adventure junkie in you

 Adventure sports in Nepal are offered in abundance. From thrilling white-water river rafting and bungee jumping from one of the world's highest suspension bridges to biking through the rugged terrains of the mountains, there is a lot. The country's topography has made it possible for adventure lovers to have the best time. It has created endless adventure possibilities catering to every level of thrill-seekers.

 2. Exploring Kathmandu

 The glorious capital city of Nepal, and even the largest, shows a stark contrast between the decaying buildings in the middle and the lively atmosphere that makes the streets alive. See street sellers selling their goods on pushcarts, the fragrance of incense from shops spread across the roads, and people carrying out their daily activities, everything with a backdrop of historical temples. Visit Durbar Square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was first constructed in the 16th century, with subsequent additions made by rulers in the following centuries. It is one of the highlights of Kathmandu. You should also explore Pashupatinath Temple, which is believed to be the second residence of Lord Shiva after the mighty Mount Kailash.

 3. Visit Pokhara

 Nepal's second-largest city, Pokhara, is a haven of natural beauty and adventure. Snuggled beside the serene Phewa Lake and enveloped by snow-capped peaks, it offers a range of activities. It is the getaway to the Himalayas! Take a boat ride on the lake, paraglide over the stunning landscape, or simply relax and enjoy the breathtaking views. You must see the sunrise view from Sarangkot, which paints the Annapurna range in golden hues. You can enjoy binging on Nepalese food at restaurants situated by Lake Phewa with tranquil views.

 4. Jungle safari in Chitwan National Park

 A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Chitwan National Park is home to species like the Bengal tiger, sloth bear, leopard, gaur, deer, crocodiles, and more. It is one of the best wildlife reserves in Asia, and you must experience a jungle safari here to spot the exuberant wildlife. There are more than 500 species of birds found here. You can also take a canoe ride along the Rapti River, witness colorful birdlife, and embrace the tranquility of nature in this breathtaking national park. The best time to visit here is from October to February.

 5. Discover Lumbini

 Known for being the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, Lumbini is a pilgrimage town breathing peace and serenity. Buddhist pilgrims visit here to walk in the footsteps of Buddha. Explore the town and its calm ambiance, gain insights into the teachings of Buddhism, and visit Maya Devi Temple, dedicated to his mother and where he was exactly born. It has an ancient stone relief depicting Buddha's birth dating back to the 2nd century AD.

 3. How to reach Nepal from North America?

 The fastest and easiest way to reach Nepal from the USA and Canada is via flights. There are regular flights from New York, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and more in the US and Toronto and Vancouver in Canada to Kathmandu in Nepal. The travel time between these places to Nepal is 16 hours or more.

 4. What should I pack for Nepal?

 Nepal doesn't follow a strict dress code, but it is always good to wear modest clothes, especially while visiting religious places. Do not wear clothing that is too short, tight, or revealing. Remember to always carry a warm jacket even in summer, as Nepal is surrounded by the Himalayas, and the weather can surprise you anyplace, anytime. While visiting during winter, ensure you have good woolen clothes, waterproof shoes, a jacket, caps, and gloves.

 5. Do people speak English in Nepal?

 Though the national language is Nepalese, some people, especially the ones in the tourist sector, understand English. If you are visiting local villages, the ethnic groups usually converse in their language. If you have a guide with you, everything is sorted.

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Nepal Tour Reviews

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Verified Customer
Picturesque Solo India and Nepal Tour
We had an amazing and memorable two-person trip through India and Nepal. We had an excellent guide and driver in India from Delhi to Udaipur stopping in five cities and visiting incredible sites. Then we flew to Katmandu, with the most knowledgeable city guide ever, followed by traveling to the Chitwan jungle with tours led by a local naturalist who knew every animal and flower. It was a very personal and well planned trip that I would highly recommend.
11 January, 2024
Verified Customer
Diane Wiley
Picturesque Solo India and Nepal Tour
Amazing and memorable two person trip through India and Nepal. We had an Amazing and memorable two person trip through India and Nepal. We had an excellent guide and driver in India from Delhi to Udaipur stopping at five cities and visiting incredible sites. Then we flew to Katmandu, with the most knowledgeable city guide ever, followed by traveling to the Chitwan jungle with tours led by a local naturalist who knew every animal and flower. It was a very personal and well planned trip that I would highly recommend. excellent guide and driver in India from Delhi to Udaipur stopping at five cities and visiting incredible sites. Then we flew to Katmandu, with the most knowledgeable city guide ever, followed by traveling to the Chitwan jungle with tours led by a local naturalist who knew every animal and flower. It was a very personal and well planned trip that I would highly recommend.
23 December, 2023
Verified Customer
Sabrina Kittrell
Picturesque Solo India and Nepal Tour
21 May, 2023
Verified Customer
Picturesque India and Nepal
Best trip ever and I cant wait to go back to India & Nepal!
07 December, 2022
Verified Customer
Wonders of India Nepal and UAE
The hotels in some of the places could of been better
24 October, 2017
Verified Customer
Majestic India And Nepal
Excellent itinerary, hotels and local tour guides. Balbir our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and made our trip a memorable one.
10 May, 2017
Verified Customer
Majestic India And Nepal
the tour was great. saw lots of history and beauty of india
26 April, 2017
Verified Customer
Majestic India And Nepal
The side tours provided by the guide certainly made the main Indus itinerary more interesting.
29 March, 2017

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