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Azi Shahidi
I began my career in Cultural Tourism as a lecturer for European educational groups in the Middle East. I studied architecture and graphic design but found in tourism the ideal field to fulfill my love of history, art and people. I have lived on 3 different continents and traveled extensively in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas! I can speak English, French and Farsi fluently and can get by in German, Spanish and Arabic. I am very passionate about the cultural diversities one finds while traveling and my greatest ambition is to keep on traveling. I want to see the great architecture, the flora and fauna, taste the good food, drink the exotic wines, dance to different beats and enjoy the exciting nightlife that our world has to offer. That’s why my favorite destination is South America, it encompasses all of that and more!
Home Wow Persian Journey With Azi Shahidi
Welcome to the hidden world of Iran. There are few places in the world which have a history and culture as rich as this remarkable country, formerly known as Persia. Travel through this fascinating country to discover refined Islamic cities, colorful bazaars, ancient Persian ruins, fascinating nomads, and shimmering deserts. Whether relaxing in a teahouse in Tehran or breaking bread with nomads on the harsh Iranian plateau, the warmth and hospitality of the Iranian people is endearing and the profound beauty of their land is mesmerizing.

Your Persian journey gives you the opportunity to experience Iran from a present day female perspective as well as learning about the influential women of yesteryear. Since 1979 Iran has been an Islamic Republic where women must where a “veil”, the in public, whether they be Iranian or even just guests in the Iranian territory. Join Indus and your fellow female WOW travelers for this foray into one of the world’s most fascinating and least-visited countries.

Tour Highlights
Visit no less than 6 UNESCO World Heritage sites!
Experience a guided tour of the magnificent Persepolis and learn about the ancient Achaemenid Empire
Weaving workshop in the village of Mohammadieh
Persian carpet shopping in Isfahan
Iranian Cooking Class
Visit to Kashan to see exquisitely restored Qajar-era mansions
Meet and chat with local Iranian women in a teahouse in Tehran

Wow Persian Journey With Azi Shahidi 12 Days

Welcome to Iran. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by your Indus Tour representative and transferred to your Hotel.
Iran's capital is exciting, noisy and chaotic. Home to 15 million people, Tehran is where the country's true national identity is found.
Overnight in Tehran

After Breakfast, A full day of sightseeing is planned of this truly unique capital city.

This morning we to head to historic Center of Tehran and start our visit with the National Museum hosting impressive historical monuments dating back through preserved ancient and medieval Iranian antiquities, including pottery vessels, metal objects, textile remains, and some rare books and coins. This visit a great introduction to Persian ancient history.
Later in the day we visit the impressive Glass & Ceramics Museum, housed in a beautiful Qajar-era building. Built as a private residence for a prominent Persian family, it later housed the Egyptian embassy and was converted into a museum in 1976.

After Lunch, we will head to Iran Central Bank building to visit the National Jewels Museum which will shock you with its ostentatious display of precious jewels, many of which are the largest of their kind, namely the Darya-ye-Nur which at 182 carats is the largest uncut diamond in the world. We will also view the jeweled globe which is covered in 51,363 precious stones.

We will end the day at the ornate Golestan Palace with its exquisite marbled terraces and artistic treasures.
The lavish Golestan Palace is a masterpiece of the Qajar era, embodying the successful integration of earlier Persian crafts and architecture with Western influences. The walled Palace, one of the oldest groups of buildings in Teheran, became the seat of government of the Qajar family, which came into power in 1779 and made Teheran the capital of the country. Built around a garden featuring pools as well as planted areas, the Palace’s most characteristic features and rich ornaments date from the 19th century.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

After breakfast we depart for a tour of Sa’d Abad Museum Complex. This 104 hectare park houses over 10 buildings, most of them museums. The most notable are the former summer palace of the Pahlavi Royal Family - the White Palace - and the smaller, but no less impressive Green Palace. Aside from the artifacts contained within, the palaces offer a fascinating glimpse of the opulent lifestyle of the shah and his guests - with their decoration the height of fashion for the day. Don't miss the bronze boots of Reza Shah outside the White Palace - all that remains of a massive statue that was 'cut down to size' at the revolution. After our tour concludes we travel to Tehran’s domestic airport in the late afternoon flight to Shiraz.

The very name Shiraz evokes images of ancient Persia: exotic, tranquil gardens, lavish mansions, colorful woollen rugs, art, philosophy, poetry and of course, the famous Shiraz red wine (although it's no longer found here). Shiraz is also a renowned centre of learning and boasts many of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the country. Known as Iran's cultural capital, this city was home to two of Persia's most famous poets in the 13th and 14th centuries, Hafez and Saadi, whose mausoleums are found here.
(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

We visit Persepolis in the morning when the temperature is mild and the site relatively uncrowded. A comprehensive tour is provided bringing to life the history of this magnificent ruin. Ruler of the largest empire the world had ever seen, Darius I started constructing the great metropolis to serve as a summer capital in around 512BC. Subsequent Achaemenian kings, including Xerxes I, added their own palaces over the next 150 years. Sited on a vast platform above the plains, Persepolis is not a subtle monument. The Great Porch of Xerxes, flanked by winged bulls of stone, leads you into a massive ruined complex of royal palaces, halls, courts and apartments covered with inscriptions and carvings. A stunning wall of detailed bas-reliefs represents thousands of envoys from as far away as Ethiopia and Armenia, India and Cappadocia, bearing gifts to their almighty ruler. A good three hours is needed to explore Persepolis. A short drive away is the four impressive burial tombs of Darius and his successors, Naghsh-e Rostam, which have been hewn from the rock. There is also a fire temple at the site (or so they believe) and at one time a Zoroastrian religious centre, perhaps once the most important in the world, was located here.
(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

This morning we embark on a city tour that covers the highlights of this celebrated historical city. We visit the lovely Eram Garden or Garden of Paradise (Bagh-e Eram), which has an impressive collection of cypress trees as well as a pond and a small 19th century palace. Following this we visit the tombs of Hafez and Sa'di. Hafez was a Persian poet who was born in Shiraz around 1310. After several years of travelling round the world, he returned to Shiraz and remained there until he passed away. His works were very surreal and mystical and he is still regarded these days as a bit of a folk hero in Iran. His tomb in the beautiful Musalla Gardens, which has been restored many times (present structure was constructed in 1942), is a place of pilgrimage. Sa'di, another great poet and writer from Shiraz, was more of a scholar. His tomb is also set in a garden, beside a fish pond. Paying homage to both these men enables us to understand their continued relevance and importance in Iranian society, as well as appreciate the intricate artwork on their marble tombs. We finish our tour by walking around the Bazar-e Vakil, regarded as one of the finest and most evocative bazaars in the country.
(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

A short drive first takes us to the ruins of Pasargadae before continuing on to Yazd which is said to be one of the
oldest cities in the world. The ancient desert city of Yazd was a major stop on the caravan routes to Central Asia and India during the Silk Road period - Marco Polo visited the city on his way to China - and it retains a rustic feel. It's also the heart of the Zoroastrian religion. This religion, which dates back over 4000 years, is one the world's oldest and was Iran's state religion before the arrival of Islam.
Yadz is unique for its intriguing architecture, which has been perfectly adapted to the harsh weather conditions of the surrounding desert. Wind towers, or badgirs, are a feature of most of the buildings in the old city - they trap even the gentlest of draughts and direct them into the houses below for cooling.

Yazd is a fascinating place to wander around, being one of the best preserved mud brick old towns in the near East. Our walking tour snakes along the maze-like streets and we visit the impressive Amir Chakhmaq Complex, the Jameh Mosque, Water Musuem and the 'Towers of Silence'.
(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Yazd is situated at an oasis where the Dasht-e Kavir Desert and the Dasht-e Lut Deserts meet, and is circled by a mountain range, the tallest being 4075m. During its long history, Yazd adapted to the desert surrounds gracing the city with great Islamic architecture and culture, despite it being a full Zoroastrian society. When exploring the city one gains a sense that time has stopped as there are plenty of old traditions and buildings that retain the character of the bygone era. The chimney like structures on the roofs of Yazdies’ houses is just one example; in fact they are not chimneys but the ancient ventilation systems. They gather even the faintest breezes of the desert and channel them into the building below. Yazd is famous for its handicrafts and in the markets there will be plenty of opportunity to shop for rugs, small but intricate carpets, Kilim, Termeh (a lovely hand-made silk tapestry) pottery and ceramics. Yazd is the holiest city for Zoroastrians who travel from all over the world to see the sacred fire in Yazd that has been burning without interruption for 1500 years. In the outlying southern suburbs of town are the Zoroastrian Towers of Silence, where the bodies of believers were once left to the vultures after death.
(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

On our drive to Isfahan (300km) we stop at the quiet town of Na'in, a place very well known for its Persian rugs. We visit the 10th century Jameh Mosque, which is one of the oldest in Iran, as well as the Kavir Museum and the old part of town. From here it is a three-hour drive to Isfahan - the jewel in the crown of Persia and undoubtedly one of the highlights of our trip. This evening, we may stroll to the Zayandeh River and have a look at its historic bridges, which seem to have come straight from a fairytale! At several of the bridges local people gather to talk, drink tea and sing beautiful folk songs. This is truly a magical place to wile away some time and one of the most atmospheric places in all Iran. A 16th-century rhyme called it 'half the world' and after spending a few days here, you might agree. There's an abundance of fine Islamic buildings, most of which are covered with the blue mosaic tiles Iran is famous for. There's also an enormous bazaar, which is perfect for shopping for exquisite Persian carpets, tranquil gardens, picturesque bridges and superb palaces.
(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Isfahan is a place for savoring the high refinements of Persian culture and getting lost in it’s old bazaar. Our tour of Isfahan starts in the world's second biggest square - Iman Square. Our guide will give us an insight into life under Persia's greatest ruler, Shah Abbas, and take us through the Iman Mosque, Sheikh Lotfallah Mosque and the Ali Qapu Palace. Iman Square itself, actually built as a royal polo ground, was once home to entertainers, storytellers, preachers and Silk Road caravans. Also explore the atmospheric bazaar with its wonderful scents and spices, musical merchants' cries and, of course, thousands of locals bargaining for their most desired items.
(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

After a morning of leisure we will re group for a culinary treat. Learn about the staple ingredients that you will need to cook a Persian treat for your friends and family at home home. Our private cooking demo is a great opportunity to ask the cook about their secret ingredients and tips and tricks to create a delicious Persian treat. The climate of the Iran is conducive to the growing of fruits, and the orchards and vineyards of Iran produce fruits of legendary flavor and size. These are not only enjoyed fresh and ripe as desserts but are also imaginatively combined with meats and form unusual accompaniments to main dishes.

The rest of the day is at leisure for you to shop, explore or just relax in a tea house and soak up the atmosphere.
(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

On the way back to Tehran we stop in Kashan for a tour of this historic city that dates back over 6000 years set at an altitude of 2,500 metres and nestled at the foot of Mt Karkus, Abyaneh features houses that are arranged in a stair-step shape. An impressive aspect of Abyaneh's architecture is that the houses are uniform in appearance. The doors, most of which have two knockers, are wooden and built in traditional style. There are beautiful patterns and poems carved upon most of these doors, and often the names of the owner and mason. These etchings afford a good picture of ancient Iranian culture. The layout of the houses also hints at the country's occasionally tumultuous history - the buildings were built huddled together to protect them from frequent raids by passing armies.

Kashan is a beautiful oasis city with a very long history - human settlements in the area date back to the 4th millennium BC.

Discover some of the finest traditional houses in Iran on visits to the Khan-e Borujerdi and Khan-e Tabatabei. These 19th-century khans were funded by wealthy merchants and feature lovely courtyards, lush gardens and fine intricate relief designs carved into stone and stucco work.

Visit the most impressive Islamic complex in Kashan - the Agha Bozorg Mosque and Madraseh.

You have some free time to explore the town's other sights such as the Fin Gardens, a classical Persian vision of paradise and one of the most beautiful gardens in the Middle East.
Tonight we relive our unforgettable adventure over a farewell dinner at a local restaurant, which will conclude the organized activities for this trip.
(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Bid farewell to your tour leader, fellow travelers and the country that you will have fallen in love with. We will schedule a group transfer to the airport for your flight back home.

Guaranteed Departure Dates

Superior Category
Start Date End Date Price Per Person on Twin Sharing Basis Supplement for Single Room
06 Oct 2017 17 Oct 2017 USD $ 3995.00 Per Person USD $ 1095.00 Per Single
13 Apr 2018 24 Apr 2018 USD $ 4295.00 Per Person USD $ 1295.00 Per Single

All accommodations in available good 4* hotels with breakfast,
All Airport transfers by private A/C coach
All transportation by private A/C coach, fuel costs and all road taxes included
Iranian/Canadian Tour leader Azi Shahidi (Licensed Iranian National guide and Indus Travels Product Manager)
English speaking licensed experienced female local guides
11 Breakfasts
10 Lunches
11 Dinners
Sightseeing and Entrance Fees as per the itinerary
Domestic flight from Tehran to Shiraz
All Police permissions
Daily tea/coffee/juice/fruit and mineral water
Iranian travel insurance for whole trip in Iran
Visa support by invitation letter (reference code)
International airfare
Items of a personal nature
Tips and gratuities
Beverages with meals
Meals not specified on the itinerary
Travel Insurance (highly recommended)
Passport and visa fees
Optional tours and activities
10 Nights Hotel
Accommodation is provided on a twin sharing basis
Accommodation Type - Standard
Ali Qapu Hotel (Isfahan)
Our Rating: 4 Star   |   Local Rating: 4 Star   |   Accommodation Type: Standard
International Aramis Hotel (Tehran)
Our Rating: 4 Star   |   Local Rating: 4 Star   |   Accommodation Type: Standard
Aramis commercial boutique hotel with 84 accommodation units including luxurious and modern rooms and suites with the best temperature control systems, audio, video, TV (IP TV), telephone, high-speed wireless Internet (Wi-Fi), central air conditioning system , the most modern facilities in luxurious restaurant with the Delicious Iranian traditional food, modern coffee shop with the best herbal drinks and the best Italian coffee. - Focus and precision in the delivery of services is favorable to serve guests
Aryobarzan Hotel (Shiraz)
Our Rating: 4 Star   |   Local Rating: 4 Star   |   Accommodation Type: Standard
You will have a relaxed and comfortable stay in the rooms of Aryobarzan hotel. Single occupancy,Double occupancy (two single bed or one double bed),Triple or Royal suits of Aryobarzan hotel. The coffee shop of Aryobarzan provides a nice and comfortable place to have relaxed time with beautiful view, live depends on the seasons. You will experience an unforgettable night. The restaurant of Aryobarzan has a variety of Iranian and International foods,live music with experienced staff will host dear guests and our fellow in the friendly atmosphere.
Moshir Hotel (Yazad)
Our Rating: 4 Star   |   Local Rating: 4 Star   |   Accommodation Type: Standard
Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel is an old garden remained from the Qajar Era, which has distinguished it from other hotels; it helps the guests of the hotel to experience living in the past time of Iran. The garden, flowing creeks, rivers, and fountains of the hotel have made it an attractive place to dwell. Two African red and blue parrots and two men, one sturdy and another a short one, clad in old cloths including turban and hat, etc. are among the fixed characters of the hotel to which most guests are attracted when they enter the hotel. There is a small shop in the garden in which guests can find various sorts of Iranian handicrafts. Hotels rooms’ with the Kavir’s special architecture and style are arranged through both sides of the garden; there is a clean and tranquilizing lobby in the hotel also which all have made the hotel a good place for resting and meditation. The garden has been designed with several paths which connect the parking area into the rooms’ area and the whole area is covered with tall trees which form a tunnel of leaves when one walks beneath them. Passing the tunnel, especially in morning and evening, develops a certain sense of jubilation thanks to the sun’s radiation angle and birds song.
Venus Hotel (Isfahan)
Our Rating: 4 Star   |   Local Rating: 4 Star   |   Accommodation Type: Standard
Venus Hotel is started to work from September 27 in 2010. This hotel offer 4star hotels services. The hospitable Staffs are ready for offer best services to dear guests. This hotel is in the center of city, dear guests can walk a few minutes to Naghshe Jahan square (Imam square), palaces, bridges and other historical sites. It takes about 25 minutes to Isfahan international airport by car.
No Review Found.
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