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England And Wales Tours

A trip to England or Wales is the perfect destination for the all-encompassing traveler. Explore the famous cities of London, Cardiff, or Bristol, climb the mountain of Snowdown, or see the exterior of Buckingham Palace where the Royal Family resides.

Discover two powerhouses in the UK with the extraordinary castles, famous landmarks, evergreen hills, and breathtaking landscapes of England and Wales.

With crumbling castles, vibrant cities, expansive landscapes, and historic towns, a dynamic experience awaits. England is a fairy tale revisited! Decorated with rolling hills of the countryside and home to one of the world's largest capitals, London, traveling here means expecting intriguing discoveries in every corner. The country is a mix of modern cities and magnificent moors, charming fishing villages, and lush fields. The landscape is blessed with artistic treasures and extravagant architecture. Pass by one of the world's most famous university towns, Oxford. Discover the most emblematic monument, Buckingham Palace, and visit Stratford-upon-Avon, the place where the great William Shakespeare was born and a must-visit for theater enthusiasts. Uncover York's medieval stories as you walk around the city walls, and do not miss the York Minister! England has so much to offer to an explorer's heart. Whether you are looking to learn about English history and culture or just enjoy the beautiful views and alleyways, the country takes care of it. One of the top destinations to visit in England is London, home to the world-famous Big Ben and London's royal residence Buckingham Palace from where Queen Elizabeth II had reigned for over 70 years. Apart from these, the capital city also has interesting museums like the National Gallery boasting a commendable collection of European paintings, and the British Museum, where you can learn about 200 million years of human history. When in London, a stroll along the serene River Thames is a must! The city is also famous for its nightlife and entertainment scenes. Spend time enjoying the show in the West End, tasting some of the best cuisines in the city's several restaurants, or experiencing the flamboyant nightlife of London. Want to immerse yourself in the English culture a little more? There are plenty of tea rooms and traditional pubs to explore! If history interests you, you are in the right place. England houses famous historical landmarks like the Hadrian's Wall, Stonehenge, and Roman Baths. Shrouded in mystery, Stonehenge is an ancient circle that has fascinated many people over centuries. According to folklore, it was created by the wizard Merlin who transported these stones from Ireland as they were assembled by the giants. Another legend suggests that these are the ruins of a Roman temple. Things just get more interesting as you learn more and more about this astonishing landmark. Coming to the Roman Baths, located in Bath, was built around 70AD and is one of the world's finely preserved Roman remains. England also has some of the most stunning castles, like Windsor Castle, one of the world's oldest and largest occupied castles in the world; Leeds Castle, famous for being a Norman stronghold; and last but not least, Warwick Castle, a medieval castle that was developed from a wooden fort. York is a city that would blow your mind if history intrigues you. The cathedral city with Roman Origins, York, was once the capital of Viking Britain. Following the footsteps of York, Durham is yet another city that will charm you with its stories. Claimed to be built on the symbolic seven hills, it is known for Durham Cathedral and an 11th-century castle. The story of England doesn't end as the perfect place for history lovers but continues with its picturesque landscapes. Also famous for its natural beauty, it has scenic villages that you can explore on a bike or on foot. The Cotswolds, a region filled with stunning villages and magnificent hills, offer a rural experience. It is a popular destination among cyclists and hikers. The Lake District is another area that would leave you mesmerized by its alluring beauty. The majestic mountains surrounding the tranquil lakes offer a perfect setting for a relaxed vacation. Moving forward, England also has some worldly beautiful coastal towns. From Brighton, a chill beach town, to Staithes, a laid-back fishing village, there is a seaside escape to suit every taste. When here, you must sit to eat traditional fish and chips, sip the afternoon tea, which is a quintessential English tradition, and soak in the views that were once a part of your imagination! Foodies will be in awe of England for its rich culinary traditions. From traditional dishes to modern gastronomy, the country has something for every kind of taste bud. The lip-smacking Indian cuisine in Birmingham and the spicy Chinese dim sums of Manchester, England, offer an opportunity for you to sample various delectable cuisines. It is also a shopper's paradise. Luxury boutiques of London's West End and quaint souvenir shops, as well as local boutiques in Brighton, Portobello Road Market, and Camden Market, are a few places to soothe a shopper's heart. The friendly and warm people of England will ensure you have a great time. English people are famous for their politeness and courtesy. So traveling to England is completely safe even for solo travelers. It is the simple moments like an ear-to-ear grin of being welcomed that melts a heart in an entirely new nation. England has the charm to leave you starstruck and have an everlasting impression on your mind!

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1. What is the best time to visit England?

The months to visit England are March to early June (Spring Season) and September to November (Autumn Season). During these months, it is comparatively warm and dry. The spring season means freshly blooming flowers, and autumn brings beautiful foliage and the changing hues of leaves.

Traveling during these months would help you avoid larger crowds and expensive hotel rates as compared to July and August, which marks the peak season and are the warmest months yet the wettest.


2. What are the Top Things to do in England?


1. Walk in the footsteps of the Beatles

Sign up for a magical journey across the city of Liverpool, situated in northwest England. It's where the team members first met! Enter into their world as you step inside the National Trust-owned homes where Paul McCartney and John Lennon spent their childhoods. See the world's largest permanent exhibition devoted purely to music icons and their legendary history. Head to the Cavern Club, near where the Beatles first played in the early 60s, and live the good golden days.


2. Dip in Bath's famous thermal waters

Bath's thermal waters have been a site of attraction for visitors for over a hundred years now. Romans constructed these extravagant baths using naturally heated springs, which can be visited even today. You can't swim in here, though! Just have a look and make your way to Thermae Bath Spa, wherein you can soak in mineral-rich springs and later marvel at the honey-colored UNESCO World Heritage Site, which the famous author Jane Austen called home from the rooftop pool.


3. Visiting London

A trip to England either starts in London or ends in London! Your visit to this country is incomplete without traveling to its capital city, which is known for several world-famous landmarks. Explore Buckingham Palace, see the Tower of London, and take a ride on the London Eye. Visit the British Museum, one of the world's greatest museums preserving a vast collection of artifacts, including Elgin Marbles and the Rosetta Stone. Visit Hyde Park, one of London's most beautiful and largest parks; having a meadow, lake, and fresh gardens. Have a chance to shop on Oxford Street, which is one of the world's busiest shopping streets. Don't forget to get yourself clicked with the famous red telephone booth! Walk along the gorgeous River Thames and enjoy the cityscape.


4. Travel back in time with a visit to York

Boasting a huge cathedral, a castle, centuries-old city walls, and a ruined Normal Keep, York is a quaint city and a blessing for history lovers. Walk around the city to soak in its old-world charm. Head to Shambles, a narrow winding street in the center of York's historic quarter. It has managed to exist since its mention in the Doomsday Book of 1086. Continue your time travel journey by making a stop at Betty's, which has been serving traditional afternoon tea in York City since 1936.

5. Bring the magic in your out with a tour of Harry Potter Studio

Potterheads will call England the home of The Boy Who Lived! There are several filming locations of Harry Potter spread across the country. But Leavesden Studios remain the heaven for true Potter fans since here is where most of the movies were filmed. Book a 'Warner Bros Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Porter' and wander around the Great Hall, peep into Diagon Alley, and uncover special secrets of your favorite scenes. Fly over the broomstick, sip a pint of Butterbear, and live your Harry Porter fantasies in real life.


3. How to reach England from North America?

Reaching England from the USA and Canada is very easy. There is flight connectivity from cities like New York, Los Angeles, Orlando, and Toronto from both countries to London, England. The average flight time is over 7 hours, so wear comfortable clothes and be ready to sleep on your way to England.


4. What are the best dishes to eat in England?

There are many British culinary delights, and here are a few that you must try on your trip to England:


1. Fish and Chips

Perhaps the very famous staple of Britain, fish and chips, is something you will find anywhere and everywhere in England. The best place to have them is in the open air by the sea.


2. The full English breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and the British take it very seriously. You must have heard in restaurants across the world about the English Breakfast, and it's quite famous! It includes- sausages, bacon, baked beans, eggs, hash browns, tomatoes, black puddings, toast, and mushrooms. The whole spread is so wholesome that you would feel full for almost half of the day, plus it is super healthy as it is rich in proteins.


3. Yorkshire Pudding

Made with a batter of flour, eggs, and water or milk, it is a common side dish in England. It is a versatile dish that can e served in various ways depending on its size and ingredients. Warm, buttery, and feather-soft pudding is a favorite of many tourists as well.


4. Shepherd’s pie

A yummy, savory dish cooked with minced meat and topped with mashed potato, later baked, is another national dish you mustn't miss. There's a thick gravy under the potato forest that steals the show! It surely is a comfort food for English households.


5. Are there any travel restrictions?

No, there are no travel restrictions for North Americans (the US citizens and Canadians).

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Best of the UK, Ireland and France
I concluded the UK/Ireland/France trip in mid-October and am still raving about it. Trip well-organized, and very knowledgeable guides. Can’t wait to travel with Indus again
04 January, 2023

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