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Azi Shahidi
I began my career in Cultural Tourism as a lecturer for European educational groups in the Middle East. I studied architecture and graphic design but found in tourism the ideal field to fulfill my love of history, art and people. I have lived on 3 different continents and traveled extensively in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas! I can speak English, French and Farsi fluently and can get by in German, Spanish and Arabic. I am very passionate about the cultural diversities one finds while traveling and my greatest ambition is to keep on traveling. I want to see the great architecture, the flora and fauna, taste the good food, drink the exotic wines, dance to different beats and enjoy the exciting nightlife that our world has to offer. That’s why my favorite destination is South America, it encompasses all of that and more!
Home Best Of Egypt
‘Best of Egypt’ is a 11-day tour that begins in Cairo, where guests will visit some of the most impressive sites around the city, including the Great Pyramids and the world-renowned Egyptian Museum. A short flight then takes travellers to ancient Luxor, where guests will explore the incredible Valley of the Kings and Queens before embarking on a cruise along the Nile River to the legendary city of Aswan. After spending 4 nights on the stunning Red Sea coast at beautiful Sharm el Sheikh, travellers will return to lively Cairo, where the tour ends.
Tour Highlights
See the Great Pyramids, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Admire the world’s greatest collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts at the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities
Visit the legendary Valley of the Kings in ancient Luxor
Cruise along the picturesque Nile River to Egypt’s southernmost city, Aswan
Relax on the shores of the Red Sea and enjoy some of the many optional activities on offer

Best Of Egypt 11 Days

Cruise Embarkation days:
Every Thursday for Superior
Every Monday for Deluxe

NOTE: Cruise Embarkation days – Every Thursday for Radamis Cruise
Above embarkation days are subject to change based on Cruise availability for booking dates.
Welcome to Cairo! On arrival at Cairo International Airport you will be met and transferred to your hotel for check in. Cairo, called Al-Qahirah in Arabic, with a population of 17 million, is not only Africa’s largest city but the political and cultural center of the Arab World. Cairo’s old quarters retain their ancient charm with many streets still known by descriptions given to them by medieval chroniclers. Modern Cairo’s architecture is distinguished by Ottoman and later European influences, especially in commercial architecture, particularly as the city’s population boomed during the 19th century. Overnight in Cairo

CAIRO (B/-/-)
Spend today on the Giza Plateau home of Egypt’s signature attractions: The Great Pyramids, proclaimed by the Greeks to be among the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. A single pyramid is built of 2,300,000 blocks, each weighing an average of two and one–half tons. In the face of such immensity, one cannot help but feel the wonder and awe that so many writers & artists have sought to convey over the centuries. This morning visit the Great Pyramid of Khufu and the timeless Great Sphinx of Giza, which dates from the time of Chephren (2620BC). Hewn from natural yellowish limestone & standing 65 feet high & 187 feet long, this unforgettable statue combines the head of a Pharaoh with a lion’s body. Then visit Memphis which served as the capital of Upper & Lower Egypt some 5,000 years ago during the 1st Dynasty. Menes, the first pharaoh of this dynasty, built a great white-walled palace & the Temple of Ptah here. Sakkara is one of the most exciting historical & archaeological areas in all of Egypt, situated about 12 miles South West of Cairo. The site is dominated by the famous step pyramid of King Zoser. It was the first pyramid to be built in ancient Egypt, preceding those at Giza by many centuries and is the work of the famous pharaonic architect, Imhotep. Overnight in Cairo

Optional: Sound & Light show at Pyramids (minimum 2 guests) 50 USD per person
This evening return to Giza for a spectacular Sound & Light show. Nothing compares to seeing the Pyramids and the Sphinx illuminated at night; the visual effects as well as dramatic commentary make for an unforgettable evening. The show begins with the story of the Sphinx who has been the vigilant guardian of the City of the Dead for five thousand years. The show depicts the story of building the Pyramids of Cheops, Kephren, Mykerinos and relates the history of great and famous figures of ancient Egypt such as Nefertiti, Thutmosis IV, Akhnaten and Tut Ankh Amon.

This morning we are transferred back to Cairo Airport for a flight to Luxor. On arrival in Luxor you will be met and transferred to your Nile cruise ship, your floating hotel for the next five days. Enjoy lunch on board before visiting Karnak Temple erected in 1928 BC as a small shrine dedicated to Amun, god of Thebes. The Temple comprises three main temples, smaller enclosed temples, and several outer temples - all constructed over 1300 years. The three main temples of Mut, Monthu, and Amun, are enclosed in enormous brick walls, with the temple of Amun at the center. Karnak is now the largest and oldest temple compound on earth. Many festivals were celebrated in Thebes. The Temple of Luxor was the center of the most important one, the festival of Opet. Built largely by Amenhotep III and Ramses II, the temple served as a setting for the rituals of the festival, which was held to reconcile the human aspect of the ruler with his divine office. The procession of images of the current royal family began at Karnak and ended at Luxor temple.
Overnight on board the cruise

Optional: Sound & Light show at Karnak Temple (minimum 2 guests) 40 USD per person
The history and drama of the Temple of Karnak are presented in an unforgettable show at the huge complex of Karnak.

After breakfast, cross the newly constructed Luxor Bridge to visit the Valley of the Kings, which includes the tombs of the Theban rulers, Seti I and Tutankhamen. The Valley of the Kings in Upper Egypt is home to many pharaonic tombs of the New Kingdom, including those of King Tutankhamun and Ramses the Great. Each king's formal name and title is inscribed in his tomb, which are also adorned with his images and statues. Most of the tombs were cut into the limestone following a similar pattern: three corridors, an antechamber, and a sunken sarcophagus chamber. Explore several amazing Royal Tombs. Continue on to Deir el Medina, with its small Ptolemaic temple. This is the ancient village of the workers who built the pharaohs’ tombs and also is home to the beautifully preserved Tomb of Sennedjem.After lunch tour the mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut, the only woman Pharaoh to rule ancient Egypt. The mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut of the 18th dynasty was built just north of the Middle Kingdom temple of Mentuhotep Nebhepetre, amid the bay of cliffs known as Deir El-Bahri. In ancient times the temple was called Djeser-djeseru, meaning the sacred of sacreds. The female pharaoh chose to build her temple in a valley sacred to the Theban Goddess of the west, on a direct axis with Karnak Temple of Amun on the East Bank.Then, proceed to the Valley of the Queens to visit the burials of some royal consorts and offspring. The Valley of the Queens (Biban Al-Harem) has between 75 and 80 tombs. These tombs belong to queens of the 18th, 19th and 20th Dynasties. Among these is the famous tomb of Nefertiti, one of the five wives of Ramses II. Nefertari was said to be Ramses’ favorite wife, and her tomb is regarded by many as the most beautiful in Egypt. End the tour with a panoramic stop at the Colossi of Amenhutep III named the colossi of Memnon by the Greeks.
Overnight on board the cruise

This morning after breakfast disembark at Edfu. A "caleche" ride will take you through the town to the Temple of Horus, the Falcon God. The Temple of Horus is the best-preserved ancient temple in Egypt and the second largest after Karnak. Built from sandstone blocks, the huge Ptolemaic temple has a massive entrance pylon covered with traditional scenes of the king smiting his enemies before Horus. Continue sailing most of the day before arriving at Kom Ombo and enjoy a short walk to the twin Temples of Sobek and Horus. One is dedicated to the crocodile-god, Sobek, and the other to the falcon-god, Horus the Elder. There are clear depictions of ancient medical instruments on one wall. Kom Ombo's Greco-Roman style Temple of Sobek built for the Crocodile God stands serenely on a hilltop, the site offers an incredible view of the Nile. In ancient times, sacred crocodiles basked in the sun on the riverbank near here, and hundreds of mummified crocodiles were found in the vicinity. Overnight on board the cruise

Enjoy buffet breakfast on board the cruise in Aswan, Egypt’s southernmost city. South of here lies the flooded lands of Nubia, Sudan, and Ethiopia. Just north of the border between Egypt and Sudan lies Aswan High Dam, a huge rock filled dam which captures the world's longest river, the Nile, in the world's largest artificial reservoir, Lake Nasser. The dam, known as “Sadd El-Aali” in Arabic, was completed in 1970 after 10 years of work. Then, on to the granite quarries, which supplied the ancient Egyptians with most of the hard stone used in their pyramids and temples, and see the famed Unfinished Obelisk, located in the Northern Quarry, still lies where a crack was discovered as it was being hewn from the rock. This obelisk would have been the largest ever erected if it hadn't cracked before it was fully quarried. Tools left by its builders have given archaeologists much insight into how such work was performed. Invoke the healing powers of the goddess Isis with a visit to the Temple of Philae and the delightful Temple of Isis. Enjoy a short trip on a motorboat to Philae Temple, which will bring you to a magnificent vista of the island of Agilika before landing at what would have been the ancient quay on the south side. The temple was dedicated to the goddess Isis and has many legends connected to it. The most well-known legend tells the story of how Isis found the heart of Osiris here after his murder by his brother Seth. Ancient Nubia was known to the pharaohs as the “Land of Gold,” and its wealth and lands were eventually incorporated into Egypt around 1500 BC.
Overnight on board the cruise

Optional: Sound and Light show at Philae Temple (minimum 2 guests) 60 USD per person
Sound & light show at Philae Temple recounting such legends against the magnificent backdrop of the floodlit monuments, a truly magical experience

Then fly to Sharm El Sheikh via Cairo. On arrival in Sharm you will be met and transferred to the hotel.
Overnight in Sharm El Sheikh

Optional: Morning Abu Simbel excursion by air (minimum 2 guests) 375 USD per person
This morning transfer to Aswan airport to board a flight to Abu Simbel via Aswan. Upon arrival in Abu Simbel you will be transferred to the temple site. Visit the Temple of Ramses and Temple of Queen Nefertari; not only are the two temples located at Abu Simbel among the most magnificent monuments in the world but their removal and reconstruction was an historic event in itself. When the temples (280 km from Aswan) were threatened by submersion in Lake Nasser the two temples that of Rameses II primarily dedicated to Re-Harakhte, and that of his wife, Nefertari dedicated to Hathor were moved to their new location. After touring you will be transferred back to the airport for a short flight back to Aswan.

Enjoy the crystal-clear waters, deep sea diving, colored fish, snorkeling, fishing, Golfing, the sunny sandy beaches and the water sports, Camel ride, desert safari and Bedouin tent.
Overnight in Sharm el Sheikh

Enjoy the crystal-clear waters, deep sea diving, colored fish, snorkeling, fishing, Golfing, the sunny sandy beaches and the water sports, Camel ride, desert safari and Bedouin tent. Overnight in Sharm el Sheikh

Today you will be transferred back to the airport for a flight back to Cairo. This morning visit the world-renowned Museum of Egyptian Antiquities. Accompanied by your certified Egyptologist, you’ll stroll through the halls highlighting each historical period of this ancient land. Admire the world’s greatest collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts, including the golden treasures of Tutankhamun’s tomb (not included) and the Mummy Room, where more than 20 pharaohs lie in state. Then visit the Citadel of Salah Eldien the nerve center of Egypt for almost 700 years. Construction of the grand structure began in 1176 and was completed by Muhammad Ali Pasha, ruler of Egypt in the late 19th century. Mamluk sultans and Turkish governors resided in the Citadel, which is among the world's most splendid monuments of medieval warfare. and the Khan El Khalili, known as the Turkish bazaar during the Ottoman period, built in 1382 by Emir Djaharks El Khalili, in the heart of what was then Fatimid City. To this day, the bazaar is a center of trade and communion in the city, and offers a wide array of antiques, handicrafts of gold, silver and copper as well as numerous old coffee shops and local restaurants which attract both Egyptians and tourists alike. Overnight in Cairo

Today you will be transferred to Cairo International Airport for your onward flight.


VALID FROM 22 Aug 2017 to 15 Sep 2017
Superior Category  
Price Per Person on Twin Sharing Basis  USD $ 1495.00  Per Person
Supplement for Single Room  USD $ 795.00  Per Single
Deluxe Category  
Price Per Person on Twin Sharing Basis  USD $ 1745.00  Per Person
Supplement for Single Room  USD $ 925.00  Per Single


VALID FROM 15 Sep 2017 to 04 Dec 2017
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Price Per Person on Twin Sharing Basis  USD $ 1745.00  Per Person
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VALID FROM 05 Dec 2017 to 05 Jan 2018
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Price Per Person on Twin Sharing Basis  USD $ 2045.00  Per Person
Supplement for Single Room  USD $ 575.00  Per Single


VALID FROM 06 Jan 2018 to 24 Mar 2018
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Price Per Person on Twin Sharing Basis  USD $ 1745.00  Per Person
Supplement for Single Room  USD $ 425.00  Per Single


VALID FROM 25 Mar 2018 to 10 Apr 2018
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Price Per Person on Twin Sharing Basis  USD $ 2045.00  Per Person
Supplement for Single Room  USD $ 575.00  Per Single


VALID FROM 11 Apr 2018 to 30 Apr 2018
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Price Per Person on Twin Sharing Basis  USD $ 1745.00  Per Person
Supplement for Single Room  USD $ 425.00  Per Single


VALID FROM 01 May 2018 to 15 Sep 2018
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Price Per Person on Twin Sharing Basis  USD $ 1595.00  Per Person
Supplement for Single Room  USD $ 345.00  Per Single

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Daily breakfast
04 lunches on board
04 dinners on board
2 full day tours in Cairo
Tours from the cruise ship on a group basis as per the cruise itinerary
Meet & Greet at Cairo airport by a Representative
Arrival & Departure transfers
Service of English-speaking during sightseeing tours
Domestic Airfare for Cairo – Aswan & Luxor –Cairo
Sightseeing & entrances fees as per the itinerary
Visa fees
Items of a personal nature, tips & gratuities
Optional tours
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13 Nights’ Accommodation
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Accommodation Type - Standard
Royal Savoy Sharm (Sharm El Sheikh)
Our Rating: 4 Star   |   Local Rating: 4 Star   |   Accommodation Type: Standard
he Royal Savoy and Villas express the epitome of excellence, an intimate environment of exclusivity. The graceful club wing within the landscaped grounds of the Savoy offers beautifully furnished villas, newly-built honeymoon suites, generous executive suites and rooms. Guests enjoy their own lounge, terrace, three swimming pools and a private area by the beach. They provide views across the Red Sea towards Tiran Island and majestic mountain ranges.
Hotel Radamis (Luxor)
Our Rating: 4 Star   |   Local Rating: 4 Star   |   Accommodation Type: Standard
All units are air conditioned and have a satellite flat-screen TV. There is a private bathroom with a hair dryer in each unit. Radamis II Nile Cruise also includes a fitness centre. Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant. Medinet Habu Temple is 5.6 miles from Radamis II Nile Cruise - Luxor/Aswan - 04 nights each Monday & 3 nights each Friday. The nearest airport is Luxor International Airport, 6.8 miles from the property. East bank is a great choice for travellers interested in temples, history and museums.
Steigenberger Cairo (Cairo)
Our Rating: 5 Star   |   Local Rating: 5 Star   |   Accommodation Type: Standard
The new Steigenberger Hotel El Tahrir is ideally located at the heart of Cairo down town. Within walking minutes to the Egyptian Museum, Khan El Khalili and the Arab League building. The hotel offers 295 modernly furnished rooms and suites. Designed to meet business guests’ needs with free Wi-Fi, 24 hour in-room dining, on-site parking facilities, concierge services, an all-day dining and a lobby bar. Meeting rooms are efficiently spread over one floor with 1782 sq. m. with a main multi-purpose hall taking up to 350 guests, a foyer and 6 private meeting rooms. To unwind, the swimming pool is on second floor next to the fitness center.
No Review Found.
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