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Top 5 cities in Croatia for the travelers
By October 21, 2019 No Comments
Top 5 cities in Croatia for the travelers

All your travel fantasies will come to life along the sapphire waters of Croatian beaches. Bask in the sun of balmy days while devouring your favorite novel and let your worries flow away with the waves that touch the pebbly beaches, leaving it to warm by the sun all over again. These spellbinding views goes beyond these glittering waters and enters Dubrovnik, the city lined with historic Venetian-era stone buildings and famously known as “King’s Landing” of the popular HBO show “Game of Thrones.” 

Croatia has more to offer than you can savor in one trip, here are our top five favorite destinations that will help you in planning that perfect holiday:



Croatia’s capital city: Zagreb

Zagreb means long strolls along cobble-stoned alleys that might lead you to a park, a world-class museum, or to a series of concrete walls with colorful murals screaming the creativity of the local artists. If you are in Zagreb between April to October, you will have a plethora of opportunities to visit music and theater events, art exhibitions and film festivals. To experience Croatia’s capital city like a local, become part of its cafe culture brimming with a laid back attitude towards life.



Split, the maze-like city 

This maze-like city will amaze you with its marble walkways while sitting on the Dalmatian coast. Weaving history and culture in the fabric of contemporary lifestyle, the beautiful architecture of the Diocletian’s complex, inspired by the Renaissance era, attracts most of the tourists visiting this city. After a wonderful stride through the historical lanes of Split, head towards the warm Adriatic waters of Bacvice beach to pamper your feet with warmth and your soul with a view of a lovely landscape.



Zadar for the Roman ruins and medieval vibes     

Visit Zadar for an intriguing experience in a historic old town of Roman ruins. The city gives you a medieval era vibe through its churches, museums, and cosmopolitan cafes and offers a chance to gulp in everything that you can, in a single day. If you are in Zadar for more than a day, visit the Krka National Park by the Adriatic Sea, hosting a number of activities like hiking and rock-climbing. Lose yourself in one of the most happening music festivals in the world and enjoy the most of your days in this vibrant city.



Hvar, Croatia’s best-kept secret

Witness beautiful sunsets on stunning beaches of Hvar and gorge on sumptuous food, courtesy of the incredible restaurants. A town of world-class bars, Havr is famous for the Croatian wine. Sit on gorgeous beaches illuminated by the afternoon sun and relish the magnificence of ancient fortresses. Gifted with best of natural beauty, Hvar is the island of lavender, travel down the old road from Hvar to Brusje to smell the aroma of lavender in full bloom.



Dubrovnik, for the best Game of Thrones, feels

Dubrovnik became a set for “Game of Thrones” and has seen a substantial rise in tourism making it the most popular destination of Croatia among the tourists. A déjà-vu feeling will take over you if you have been a fan of the show. Wander around the city and try to identify the locations where the most famous scenes of this show were shot.

Stunning Gothic and Baroque architecture and a strategic location on the Dalmatian coast makes this city a UNESCO World Heritage site. Make sure that you do not leave Croatia without visiting the city that enchanted George Bernard Shaw, as he said: “those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik.”


Filled with beaches, historical sites, bars, and restaurants, Croatia offers one of the most romantic locations in the world.

If your dream holiday is all about beaches, open roads, quiet alleys, and leisure, check out our Croatia page for a detailed guide to this heavenly country.


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