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The Best Places to Visit In the Middle East
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The Best Places to Visit In the Middle East

The magical barren landscape of Middle East leaves you spell-bound as you uncover the beauty of this desert land. Be prepared to shun the conventional image as you explore the best places to see in the Middle East.


No wonder Egypt is the first place that comes in mind when you think of the Middle-East and at the top of the list. The country has the most extended and mysterious history of existence. Speaking of longest, a Nile cruise will transport you into a beautiful time in history. Egypt is much more than just the pyramids and Sphinx. Float by the golden dunes, quaint villages, and towns. At one such mesmerizing bend of the river, you will discover monuments of Kom Omba and the river Temples of Sobek and Haroeris. At the Valley of the Kings and Queens in Luxor, further your expedition by unraveling 63 tombs. 


A major medical tourism destination of the Middle East, Jorda,n ranks number two on the list. However, walking through the ancient sites and the desert landscape makes one realize the potential of leisure travel in this hidden Middle-Eastern gem. From the archaeological city of Petra to the metropolis of Amman, Jordan is the epitome of contrasting beauty. While the latter is famous for the Roman Theater, citadels, archaeology and folklore museum, the highlight is the Dead Sea also known as the lowest point on earth.

The city of Madaba or the ‘city of mosaics’ will woe the artist in you. Lastly, landmarks such as Graeco Kings Highway, Mount Nebo, add unparalleled value to any itinerary.

United Arab Emirates

UAE’s population is composed of people of almost every country in the world. The multi-ethnic country is also one of the best travel destinations ever. From the sky-piercing cityscape to the golden dunes, the skyline of UAE’s Dubai looks something straight out of a fairytale. 

A desert Safari on a 4WD coupled with BBQ dinner, and belly dance performances, make you feel no less than a Sheikh. Traveling through Al Fahidi Cultural Neighborhood, Dubai Creek, Gold and Spice Souks will break your stereotypical view of the megacity.  


You might be familiar with the Mediterranean cuisine, but you have not really tasted its flavors unless you have been to Turkey. The magical landscape transforms from bewitching beaches, hypnotic hills, and mysterious ruins. Every inch of Turkey is stuffed with delightful occurrences and spectacular landmarks.

Curating a trip to the country may be an overwhelming experience for some. However, be sure to cover places like Aya Sofya, Ephesus, and the picturesque Cappadocia.


No wonder the Biblical land has Elysian beauty. It is only fair enough to start your expedition of Israel from the city of Jerusalem. The holy land houses majestic buildings, structures, and monuments. You can soak in the panoramic vistas of Dead Sea from the birthplace of Jesus, Bethlehem. As you progress to Tel Aviv, you will enter a whole new dimension. The concrete jungle is a paradise for city-lovers.

To know more about the tours to these amazing Middle eastern destinations, visit our Middle East and click on Middle east.


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