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Here's what some of our past traveller's have to say about their holiday with us.
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Classics Of Turkey
Dear Tordes,

"Classics of Turkey" tour was Awesome! There is so much history to see and experience in the country. The landscape is very beautiful. Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Islamic civilizations all left their distinct imprint on Turkey. Yet at the same time it is a very modern country.It is located at the historic junction of Europe and Asia.

Our tour guide Aydin was very experienced, knowledgeable and friendly. We travelled on a new very comfortable tour bus which had plenty of seats to spread out as we had 27 people and almost 50 seats.

The hotels and food was excellent with breakfast and most dinners included both usually all you can eat buffets with huge selection of dishes to chose from. We got lucky with the weather as it did not rain or snow on the trip. Istanbul 45F, Ankara, Cappadocia 22F with 3 inches of snow on the ground but sunny, Kusadasi on the Aegean sea coast 55F,(our hotel was located right on the water front, Nice!) The good thing of touring over Christmas break was low travel season for Turkey and we had most tour sights all to our self. Our tour guide often was commenting how during the High season when six cruise ships come in, sometimes 300! tour buses a day visit popular sights such as Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace or Ephesus and one can hardly move around.

On the news TV there were constantly reports of some opposition protests and corruption trials but local people were very friendly to us and appreciative for us visiting their country and we felt very safe anywhere we went. The US dollar hit record high while we were there, it was good for us when shopping for souvenirs.

My wife and I and our two teenagers had a wonderful time in Turkey.
Overall, this Tour was a lot of Fun and a Great value for the money!

-  Ilya Freyman , Jan 2014
Wow Treasures Of Turkey
Hi Lavina,

I had a wonderful trip. It was all and more of what I expected of Turkey, our guide was top-notch, she was knowledgeable, interesting, entertaining and professional. I considered her a friend soon after we met! She kept us on track, but could be adjustable when needed. The drive was okay as we either napped or some, I think, updated their journals.
Thank goodness for the flight to Cappadocia. The people that met us and transferred us to the airport were easy to find and professional. The hotels were great, especially the Cave Hotel and the Sultanamet Hotel in the Old city of Istanbul. If anything, I would prefer to stay in hotels in the Old City area and just have a tour of Taksim Square and area. I saw the things that were important to me, Troy, Grand and Spice Bazaar, Ephesus, underground city, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Cistern, Topkapi Palace.
The Hot air Ballooning was well worth the option and nice to have it all paid for before leaving Canada. I would recommend this tour and Indus to anyone wanting to experience Turkey and not wanting to personally take care of the details. I would like to go back sometime as I am sure there is more to see and I could spend more time at some of the venues. Thank you for your help in planning and arranging this WOW trip.

- Faye Hibbs  , Oct 2013
Glories Of Turkey
Well just returned from our trip to Turkey and had to let you know what a wonderful experience it has been. Firstly your attention to detail when issuing the tickets and ensuring that all the arrangements were made to our benefit, and once in Turkey we could not have asked for a better Tour company, the tour director and her team were fantastic, extremely knowledgeable, helpful and proud of their country.

Thank you for your assistance throughout this process.

- Susana , Sep 2013
Wow Treasures Of Turkey
I loved the Indus WOW tour to Turkey. I made 4 new friends (Bonnie was already a friend).
Many of us are talking about a trip to Egypt in 2014. I hope that will happen.
Thanks for all your help in making this a wonderful experience. I'm considering a trip with the company to Morocco or Peru in 2013.

- Jani Gordon , Oct 2012
Glories Of Turkey
Dear Tordes

I have provided fill out the survey questionnaire as you requested. Just wanted to let you know that we greatly enjoyed the tour. Turkey has a lot to offer in natural beauty, history and antiquities. I am very interested in ancient sites and we visited several on this tour (Ephesus, Troy, Perge, Hierapolis and others). There are many more that, unfortunately we could not visit. Their museums are outstanding, particularly the antiquities/archaeology museums. How about those unique geological formations in Capadoccia? Awesome. The shopping stops were quite interesting (although I ended up spending money buying leather jackets and ceramic art); but, also we learned how handmade carpets are made as well as ceramic and pottery. Istanbul is a crazy place. The cruise on the Bosphorus River was great.

The tour was well organized; the bus rides were pleasant and the local staff was great.

Very good hotels in every stop.

Best regards

- Celso Bitdinger , Oct 2011
Turkish Odyssey
Hi Tordes,

Well, we are finally home! It really was a great trip, and we were thrilled by the excellent advice and excellent suggestions you gave to us. It was all even better because of the guides for both trips: the Cappadocia guide Fatma; and the Ephesus etc. guide Ulas (with an accent under the s). They were both really superb. We made friends with them and they with us, and have thanked them profusely.

The concept of university trained guides in Turkey is really a plus I think!. The vans were great. The drivers too. The hotels were excellent. Overall, very very successful. And Marilyn and I are very grateful for your help and how responsive and excellent your advice has been. Incidentally, I would also say that we were impressed about the relative value for the cost the trips were as well.

We for sure will book with you in future, and have every reason to expect that we will have future opportunities to do so! And, we will recommend you to our friends!!

Thanks. Looking forward to working with you again.

Warmest best wishes,

- Ron, Canada , May 2010
Glories Of Turkey With A Glimpse Of The East

We have just arrived home from the most wonderful trip to Turkey. We are quite experienced travelers and must admit that this tour of Turkey was definitely one of the best of all of our travels. I feel that this is in large part due to the wonderful guide, Al Tay Gur that we had the pleasure of enjoying for the past 2 weeks. He was not only very knowledgeable and informative but he gave us all a real feel for the Turkish culture of gracious hospitality. He has a terrific personality and a fun sense of humor. He takes great pride in his country and loves showing it off to his guests. That he is an archaeologist was very fortunate for us as we toured so many ruins and he was able to tell us so much about them. But more than that, he is insightful and keen at learning personalities. For example, he became very aware of our likes and dislikes so that when he ordered food for us, he remembered that my husband liked his meat rare, that another of our companions did not like goat cheese, that I liked the manti pasta, and that eggplant was a favorite of another. I felt that he took very special care of us, but I am sure that he treats all of his guests as well. Although he always maintained a professional demeanor, he became a good friend as well. I feel that he is a very special person and you are very fortunate to have him in your employ.

- Linda Lee, Canada , May 2010
Glories Of Turkey With A Glimpse Of The East

Happy new year. I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I fully enjoyed our Turkish vacation and would HIGHLY recommend this tour for anyone. Your local people in Turkey were fantastic and they should continue to get referrals from Indus Travels in the future!
- Cris Weisbecker, Alaska, USA , Nov 2008
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