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From USD $ 2295* Only
Cuba Discovery 11 Days
Travelers will visit the highlights of Cuba during this exciting eleven day tour. The tour starts in Havana, a great introduction to this Caribbean island nation, with visits to both Old and New Havana. Then travelers will Viñales, the Zapata Peninsula and Cienfuegos where they will immerse themselves into the beautiful sceneries and learn about the local ways of life. Travelers will learn more about the history of Cuba during a visit to Trinidad, one of the original villages founded by the Spaniards.
From USD $ 599* Only
Dazzling Dubai Ex. U.S.A. 7 Days
This exciting seven day tour takes you to a destination that has attracted attention all over the world; Dubai, a spectacular metropolis that boasts distinctive Islamic architecture.
From USD $ 1995* Only
Four Scandinavian Capitals 09 Days
Explore Scandinavian city life with this 4 Scandinavian capitals' tour. Each city has its unique characteristics; Sweden's capital, Stockholm, famous for its archipelago and diverse architecture; Finland’s capital Helsinki, a vibrant and modern city that will captivate you with the vast open spaces and outdoor activities; Denmark's capital, Copenhagen, a pulsating metropolis and historical oasis; and Norway's capital, Oslo, combining vibrant city life with the beautiful outdoors.
From USD $ 2175* Only
Glimpse Of Gorillas 05 Days
Meet the mountain gorilla in this 5-day journey to Uganda. Quietly chewing away at their vegetarian delicacies, they seem like a marooned human family. The tender grooming and firm disciplining of their offspring seems all too familiar. The gorilla family cast a wary glance at the sudden human intrusion into their private world, but is comforted by the clucking made by the trackers.