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Cultural Highlights Of Cuba 8 Days
Enjoy a cultural 8-day tour that will provide an insight into Cuba’s wonderful and captivating history and culture. Explore and experience the vibrant capital, Havana. Visit a tobacco farm in a tour guided by the farm’s founder and owner. Learn about Cuban religion, Santeria, with a visit by ferry to Regla and a tour around Trinidad. Cultural Cuba blends the highlights with historic and cultural heritage to help travelers discover local Cuban people and what this country has to offer. In this rewarding cultural journey, you will discover a nation that is going through a rapid transition and yet, still retaining its unique charm.
From USD $ 1995* Only
Four Scandinavian Capitals 09 Days
Explore Scandinavian city life with this 4 Scandinavian capitals' tour. Each city has its unique characteristics; Sweden's capital, Stockholm, famous for its archipelago and diverse architecture; Finland’s capital Helsinki, a vibrant and modern city that will captivate you with the vast open spaces and outdoor activities; Denmark's capital, Copenhagen, a pulsating metropolis and historical oasis; and Norway's capital, Oslo, combining vibrant city life with the beautiful outdoors.
From USD $ 1095* Only
Marvelous Spain 9 Days
Enjoy a 9-day unique itinerary through two of the most special Andalusian cities, Sevilla and Granada, and two very Mediterranean cities, Valencia and Barcelona. Start your trip in Madrid, capital city of Spain where you will visit the highlights- a unique city full of passion and lifestyle. On your way to Cordoba you will visit La Mancha, the land of don Quijote. Continue to Sevilla, the birthplace of Spanish conquerors and where you will discover the traditional Spanish lifestyle and appreciate the true beauty of Spain. Andalucia is known for bullfights, flamenco, tapas warm-hearted and passionate people and colorful fiestas.
From USD $ 1995* Only
Wow Northern Jewels Of India 11 Days
Savor the splendor and spirituality of Indian’s Golden Triangle. Our tour has been carefully designed to give you an intimate glimpse of India’s northern beauty . . . the legendary forts & palaces of Rajasthan, the cultural contrasts of Old & New Delhi, the cherished love story surrounding the Taj Mahal, the colorful bazaars of Jaipur, the blue city of Jodhpur, and the romance of Lake Pichola in Udaipur. On this tour you will stay in 400 year old Fort and feel like an India Princess!