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Azi Shahidi
I began my career in Cultural Tourism as a lecturer for European educational groups in the Middle East. I studied architecture and graphic design but found in tourism the ideal field to fulfill my love of history, art and people. I have lived on 3 different continents and traveled extensively in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas! I can speak English, French and Farsi fluently and can get by in German, Spanish and Arabic.
I am very passionate about the cultural diversities one finds while traveling and my greatest ambition is to keep on traveling. I want to see the great architecture, the flora and fauna, taste the good food, drink the exotic wines, dance to different beats and enjoy the exciting nightlife that our world has to offer. That’s why my favorite destination is South America, it encompasses all of that and more!
Keren Samuel
After Graduating from Bombay University, I decided I wanted to pursue a career as a travel agent. After obtaining a Diploma in Travel and Tourism; and becoming certified by IATA- UFTAA as an International Travel Consultant, I now have 28 years experience in the Travel Industry, 15 years of which have been in Canada. During this time, I have travelled extensively throughout India; Australia; New Zealand; the Exotic South Pacific Islands like Tahiti, Fiji and The Cooks; Mauritius; The Maldives; Israel; Italy, England, South Africa, Swaziland, Morocco, China, Kenya,Thailand, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Singapore and more.

Every place I’ve travelled to has offered me a different experience….the world is a stunning place. There’s nothing quite like seeing Michelangelo’s DAVID in person, or standing right at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, or cuddling a real live Koala, or having a huge herd of African elephants block the tiny dirt road your jeep is traveling on……. the list of exciting things I’ve seen and done on all my travels goes on and on...
Boris Bonnett
I was born and raised in Cusco, Peru. I have a degree in Tourism administration, I have been a trip leader for almost 18 years. I have a particular fascination about the Andean Culture, and it has led me to specializing in ethnic tourism, I love to travel to remote Andean communities to learn about their lives, customs, traditions, and typical religious festivities etc. I especially love to show my travelers the local places like the market, the cementery, houses and the streets because there I can show and share the Andean culture essence, the customs which are passing from generation to generation since the Inca’s period.
Mansi Gaur
A couple of years after graduating from the University of Rajasthan I discovered that my true passion is travel and to help travellers get lost in the Indian history, landscapes and traditions, enjoy the cuisine and culture from a female perspective in hopes that every journey finds in the traveller a more enlightened, enriched, tolerant and humbled human being!. I am fluent in English, Hindi and French, and working as a Tour Guide since 2010 has given me the chance to help people discover the pleasure of travel in India. Come join me on this amazing trip created for Women of the World!
Olive Li
I was born in Xi’an, and after graduating from university I became a tour guide in 2005. My passion is to show travellers the beauty and the culture of my country.
Tordes Schaefer-Charlton
My love of travel and discovering new places began when I was very young, with my parents regularly taking me abroad on family vacations. Later, as a teenager, if not off having adventures in foreign lands, I could be found reminiscing and daydreaming about travel and sharing my passion with others. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have set foot on all seven continents (the most recent being Antarctica in 2011), to have visited over 65 countries worldwide and to have lived for extended periods in five remarkable destinations: Wales, France, Germany, Australia and Bali.

Now in my 15th year in the travel industry, my passion is as fervent as ever and these days I am the one planning the family vacations; taking my own children out to discover the world and to see them grow through their experiences. From snorkelling with sharks in Belize and zip-lining at Copan to watching orangutans in the wild in Borneo and climbing the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, I hope that I have instilled a love of travel in them and that they find as rewarding as I have over the years.

Helping people discover the pleasure of travel and watching them get bitten by the travel bug is what I enjoy most.
Jenny Chen
I am from a small city of Sichuan Province, hometown of the spicy cuisine. I always knew that I wanted to pursue a career in Tourism, and after I graduated from Shaanxi Normal University in 2006 I started working as guide, I love showing travellers the wonderful Chinese history, the scenery, cuisine and culture from a female perspective.
Linda Liebenberg
I have been a Tour Guide since 1990. In 1995 I took a break for two years, went to Switzerland and studied German at the Micros Schule, however I do not do tours in German.
I came back to South Africa for 8 months living in Cape Town, tour guiding and did the Cape Province Tour guiding exams and wine certificate. Thereafter I went to Mallorca Spain to teach golf for 5 years and 1 year in Andalucía. I returned to SA in 2004, passed all the exams to become a National tour guide
Sabine Blaske
I developed my love and passion for exploring the world and different cultures during a school exchange in Senegal. It taught me that we all have aspirations and can learn from one another, if we are open minded. Born in Germany, I travelled through various countries in Europe, but also travelled extensively in New Zealand, Australia, Russia, Dubai, Singapore and New Caledonia. After I graduated with a Bachelor in International Tourism, I lived and worked for the last 10 years in England, Germany, Australia and now Canada. I enjoy my travels most when I get close to locals to learn directly from them about their culture, nature and unique locals. My most memorable experiences are swimming with whale sharks, hot air ballooning in the Australian Outback and skydiving over the Southern Alps of New Zealand. My bucket list is long, but on top of the list is Bhutan, the only country in the world who measures the Gross National Happiness.