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Travel far from the busy world we live in to the unspoiled natural beauty of Africa and other Asian destinations for an extra ordinary safari experience. Our goal with each guest is to provide a seamless, unforgettable safari experience. We provide you with award-winning Safari Directors, for whom the bush is a home away from home. Your accommodations—from colonial refinement to rustic elegance—cosset you in sublime comfort even in the midst of Africa's rugged wilds.
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100 Views Of Madagascar 11 Days
Discover the best of Madagascar during this fascinating eleven-day tour. Guests will have the opportunity to see the island’s famous lemurs up close, visit some colourful local tribes, relax on tropical beaches and explore the bustling markets. The tour visits the rainforest covered hills in the east of the island and takes guests south to the dry, desert area near the coast before ending in the lively capital city of Antananarivo.