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Our self-drive packages are crafted for independent minded travelers, our suggested itinerary allows you to travel with freedom and flexibility. In these tours you decide the pace of your itinerary and we help you with suggested activities or excursions to enrich your experience and cover a number of outstanding attractions and places with historic significance.
Our self-drive packages provide complete flexibility with the assurance of a pre-planned itinerary and pre-booked accommodation.
From USD $ 545* Only
Sunshine Amalfi Coast 06 Days
This 6-day journey will take you to one of the most famous sea coasts in the world. Maybe for the beauty of its sites or for the historical monuments as Pompeii, or for the fantastic cuisine that reflects the sympathy of its habitants, everybody has heard once in their lives about the Sorrentine or Amalfitan Coast. Between just few kilometres you will find beautiful and unexpected places, like Amalfi and its unique architectural beauty, the characteristic colours of Positano, the coast of Sorrento and the hidden fashion of Ravello. The whole tour will bring you to know the art of ceramics and its ancient history. Also, you'll certainly discover the unique taste of these places, countries of the Pizza, Limoncello liquor, and of the innumerable fish recipes.

From USD $ 595* Only
Tuscany & Cinque Terre 08 Days
Start from Florence, continue to Pisa and finish in the magic Cinque Terre area. This independent package gives you the freedom to tour some of the nicest areas of Italy. Take a journey to the past and visit amazingly preserved hundreds-of-years-old towns, follow Italian history and fine arts in this breathtaking ride through the countryside. Once the medieval settlers of Liguria’s Cinque Terre sought to escape roving vandals, constructing their pell-mell towns high atop the coast’s precipitous bluffs. Today, the Italian Riviera is still offering a sense of escape to visitors, who are forever changed by the experience of being there.