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Indus Travels Special Interest tours are distinctive itineraries, designed specifically for the savvy travelers who want to fully immerse themselves into the culture and history of exotic far away lands. Our Special Interest Tours offers a wide range of breathtaking experiences to understand unique aspects of culture, history and nature in the journey of your choice.
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Wow Persian Journey With Azi Shahidi 12 Days
Welcome to the hidden world of Iran. There are few places in the world which have a history and culture as rich as this remarkable country, formerly known as Persia. Travel through this fascinating country to discover refined Islamic cities, colorful bazaars, ancient Persian ruins, fascinating nomads, and shimmering deserts. Whether relaxing in a teahouse in Tehran or breaking bread with nomads on the harsh Iranian plateau, the warmth and hospitality of the Iranian people is endearing and the profound beauty of their land is mesmerizing.

Your Persian journey gives you the opportunity to experience Iran from a present day female perspective as well as learning about the influential women of yesteryear. Since 1979 Iran has been an Islamic Republic where women must where a “veil”, the in public, whether they be Iranian or even just guests in the Iranian territory. Join Indus and your fellow female WOW travelers for this foray into one of the world’s most fascinating and least-visited countries.