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Indus Travels Special Interest tours are distinctive itineraries, designed specifically for the savvy travelers who want to fully immerse themselves into the culture and history of exotic far away lands. Our Special Interest Tours offers a wide range of breathtaking experiences to understand unique aspects of culture, history and nature in the journey of your choice.
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Cultural Highlights Of Cuba 8 Days
Enjoy a cultural 8-day tour that will provide an insight into Cuba’s wonderful and captivating history and culture. Explore and experience the vibrant capital, Havana. Visit a tobacco farm in a tour guided by the farm’s founder and owner. Learn about Cuban religion, Santeria, with a visit by ferry to Regla and a tour around Trinidad. Cultural Cuba blends the highlights with historic and cultural heritage to help travelers discover local Cuban people and what this country has to offer. In this rewarding cultural journey, you will discover a nation that is going through a rapid transition and yet, still retaining its unique charm.