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In most countries we offer small group tours; these tours depart on set dates and are guaranteed to operate with a maximum of 22 travellers, though actual tour group sizes are often smaller. As there are more of you travelling together, it means that we can negotiate excellent rates and can offer benefits such as knowledgeable, Local English-speaking guides, small, air-conditioned coaches and deluxe accommodation at surprisingly affordable prices. Many of our clients, whether they are travelling alone or with family or friends, find these small group tours a great opportunity to meet like-minded travellers and share their experiences. These tours are also a great option for people who are new to a country or who want to see the major sights under expert guidance; our local travel experts have already done their ‘homework’ and have crafted tour schedules that give you a good balance of free time and planned activities, so all you have to do is relax and enjoy your vacation.

If you would like to organize your own small group tour – be it with family, friends or colleagues – we are more than happy to work with you to put together an itinerary to any of our destinations. We will use our wealth of experience to ensure you have an unbeatable itinerary at an excellent price, and we can provide you with comfortable, reliable transportation, suitable accommodation and the best guides in the business!
From USD $ 1395* Only
Cuba, Culture And Nature 08 Days
This 8-day tour is perfect for those who want to learn about the natural beauty of Cuba and be immersed into the culture. Visit the highlights of Cuba while focusing on the unique culture and beautiful nature of this island country. Spend time in Old Havana, walk the historic streets while visiting the St. Franciso de Asis Square, the Rum Museum, and the hotel where Ernest Hemingway once lived. Also, visit the modern side of Havana including the National Capital and Revolution square, the Museum of Revolution and more. As you drive through the Viñales valley and the Zapata Peninsula, learn more about the natural wonders and life in Cuba from the locals. Next explore the UNESCO world heritage site of Trinidad and its famous Plaza Mayor.
From USD $ 2295* Only
Cuba Discovery 11 Days
Travelers will visit the highlights of Cuba during this exciting eleven day tour. The tour starts in Havana, a great introduction to this Caribbean island nation, with visits to both Old and New Havana. Then travelers will Viñales, the Zapata Peninsula and Cienfuegos where they will immerse themselves into the beautiful sceneries and learn about the local ways of life. Travelers will learn more about the history of Cuba during a visit to Trinidad, one of the original villages founded by the Spaniards.
From USD $ 1825* Only
Cuba Experience 11 Days
This 11 day tour of Cuba is perfect if you want to experience both the culture and relaxation sides of Cuba. Start your trip in Havana, visiting the unique historical centre of Old Havana. Next as you drive through the Viñales Valley and the Zapata Peninsula, learn more about the natural wonders and life in Cuba from the locals. Escape the city and take a sea safari to Cayo Las Iguanas, where you can snorkel amongst a coral reef and then relax on a beautiful beach. Next take an excursion to the Guanayara National Park where you will learn more about the natural wonders of Cuba. End your trip with a couple days of rest and relaxation on the pristine beaches on Cayo Santa Maria.
From USD $ 2695* Only
Cultural Highlights Of Cuba 8 Days
Enjoy a cultural 8-day tour that will provide an insight into Cuba’s wonderful and captivating history and culture. Explore and experience the vibrant capital, Havana. Visit a tobacco farm in a tour guided by the farm’s founder and owner. Learn about Cuban religion, Santeria, with a visit by ferry to Regla and a tour around Trinidad. Cultural Cuba blends the highlights with historic and cultural heritage to help travelers discover local Cuban people and what this country has to offer. In this rewarding cultural journey, you will discover a nation that is going through a rapid transition and yet, still retaining its unique charm.