Why travel to Israel?
  -  A Unique Destination
-  Biblical sites
-  Spiritual impact
-  Rich heritage and history
-  Diverse physical geography
-  4 seas
-  6 climates
-  Approximately the same size as New Jersey
-  Wide variety of options and activities
-  Excellent restaurants and hotels
Why Christians Should Visit Israel ?
  -  Experience personal spiritual impact
-  Discover the land of Bible in person
-  Gain a deeper understanding of the Bible
-  Take a stand for Israel …
   show solidarity and support the state of Israel
-  Safe, accessible, affordable, and transforming
Is Israel Safe?
  -  2 million tourists last year
- Thousands of people are visiting Israel, right now
- Children are playing in the parks
- Israel is safer to visit than most major cities
  in the U.S & Canada.
Why travel with Indus Travels?
  -  Over 10 years in business and decades of management     industry experience
- Thousands of people using our services can’t be wrong
- Offer Whole Sale Tour Operator rates to our clients
- Partner Tour Operator contracts with Air Canada and    more
- Group Travel discounts
- Group Travel specialist
- Professional, friendly and first hand knowledge
  of Israel and Tours
Is Israel Accessible?
  -  70 airlines fly to Israel / 2 airlines fly nonstop from the    Canada
-  Ben Gurion Airport – ranked as the most
   customer-friendly airport in Europe and the
   Middle East
- Length of Flight: Toronto-Tel Aviv nonstop: 10h 30m
Is Israel Affordable?
  -  A 10-day tour to Israel is no more expensive than most    other  vacation destinations
-  You benefit from the stronger dollar to the shekels
What are more reasons to travel to Israel?
  -  The Holy Land Is Transforming
-  Walk in the footsteps of Jesus
-  Enjoy the warmth and hospitality of the Israeli people
-  The sites, sounds, smells, history, culture, and people    all make the Bible come alive
-  New levels of understanding and appreciation for the    Scriptures
-  The Bible comes to life
-  History, geography, and culture come together
-  New insights into God’s Word and His character
-  Sail on the Sea of Galilee
-  Walk the streets of Jerusalem
-  View the empty tomb
-  Sense God’s presence
-  Once you visit Israel … you’ll never be the same!

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